Since I woke this morning with the term “compression breakthrough” running through my head like a broken record, I have wanted to look up what it meant. I already knew it was part of the codename for the spokesperson of the Resistance Movement, but I also wondered this morning what Corey Goode knew about it. Yeah…cross-referencing the two movements. I do believe that both movements are valid, but do they know about each other? They should, if they are both fighting for the same thing. And they both do speak about the Event, and the taking down of the Cabal/negative forces.

Checking Corey’s blog first, I find in his FAQ’s the question to Please share information regarding the Resistance Movement and The Event!!! ( Essentially, Corey is not aware of Cobra and the Resistance Movement, so they are obviously not part of the Sphere Being Alliance (SBA)or the Secret Service Program (SSP) Alliance. Corey states

I do not know much at all about the information (From on the “Resistance” or if what they consider “The Event” is the same as what is explained as a Full Disclosure Event by the SSP Alliance that I have contact with. The “Resistance” I am told are made up of “Light Forces” and “Non-Human Beings”. I do not know if this group includes any “Earth Humans” or not. The group I am in contact with is the “Alliance” which is made up of various Secret Space Program Defectors as well as some of their allies that are both ET (& Higher Density Positives/”Sphere Alliance”, 5 beings from 6th-9th Density) and Positive/Ancient Break Away Earth Civilizations.

Does this negate the validity of the Resistance Movement? I think not. I think they are just involved with different factions that are helping with the Ascension process of this planet, and the defeat of the negative forces on it. Corey is involved with the Earthly military faction that broke off from the Cabal infested part of the SSP, and the 5 races that make up the Sphere Being Alliance. I know I’ve mentioned before that I have problems with the Sphere Beings holding back the ascension energies until we are ready for them. The Resistance Movement seems to be an Earth based alliance of human intelligence who are fighting the Cabal with the help of the Resistance Movement from Planet X, which was the last planet to fight them off, and are here to finish the job on this planet.

In 1975, intelligence operatives fled into the underground and formed an Organization to “overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity.” According to the article on the history of the Resistance Movement:

The Organization had contact with the positive civilization of Agartha that existed in subterranean caverns for millennia. They had contact with positive Andromedans already in 1977 if not before, as I have seen a sleek silver Andromedan cigar shaped craft in their underground hangar as well.

The Organization has evolved into the Resistance Movement…

In early December 1999, Pleiadians have contacted the Resistance Movement on planet X and ignited a massive uprising against Illuminati there. The Illuminati were overthrown in about three weeks and they had to flee to their bases on Mars and the Moon. At that time, many Resistance Movement freedom fighters have entered the underground tunnel systems on Earth to join the Organization in their fight. The two forces integrated and emerged as one and are now called Resistance Movement.

So…this means there are different factions at work helping us eliminate the Illuminati/Cabal. The Resistance Movement isn’t military based as Corey Goode’s group is…they are more Earth intelligence and Planet X based. I don’t see the two groups as being mutually exclusive though…both deal with the Agartha. It would be interesting for Corey to ask Kaaree if she knows of the Resistance Movement. It seems that Agartha is quite vast though, so there may be other factions within the Earth who are dealing with the Resistance Movement instead of the Sphere Being and SSP alliances.

To be honest, it doesn’t seem like Corey is being kept in the know…he has often said that he is not invited to things and I think much is being kept from his awareness. Probably because the scope is so big that it is hard for one man to digest. No offense to Corey, but he doesn’t strike me as a genius in the same order as David Wilcock. Granted, he has probably been hampered by being “wiped clean” by the SSP multiple times. Who knows what information has been lost from his memory? Certainly he has enough on his plate with dealing with the SSP Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance. He does admit though…

There are Several ET Federations that are working together in a sort of Super Federation of Humanlike ET’s as well as an alliance of Non-Human ET’s that have “Delegates” and “Members” trapped in our Sol System right now behind the “Outer Barrier”. There are also ET’s that normally travel through our Sol System like a Galactic Silk Road that are parts of other Federations elsewhere in the Galaxy. I could not tell you how many Federations there are in our Galaxy alone.

And that isn’t including the different Earth based human alliances that are working to defeat the Cabal! So both Corey and Cobra are no doubt part of different groups all working for the same goal. I have found a lot of intuitively valid information from Cobra intel, as well as from Corey and David Wilcock.

It would seem that my early morning awakening with the words “compression breakthrough” running through my mind might mean I’m working with the Cobra group right now, at some higher self level. Being a starseed means I am, at my highest level, a positive ET helping with this Ascension process, so I probably do have contact with various other groups here helping out. And why does this thought make me feel so tired???

Of course, I have now read too much about the Resistance Movement and Cobra, but I did find a YouTube meeting between the two, which had an annoying voice to it, so I didn’t watch it and went to the written post instead. It seems that there is a lot of agreement between the two, although a lot is from different perspectives.

The most significant thing though is that both have positive narratives that talk about the Event of Full Disclosure and the ascension of the planet and the humans on it.

Addendum: August 2, 2017

It seems that Cobra and Corey Goode are getting together for a Q&A and meditation for the solar eclipse happening on the 21st of the month. So they seem to be aware of each other now, but I have noticed that Cobra is always very careful when he is asked about something that Corey has said. They definitely don’t run in the same circles, and I’m not sure if Cobra is totally on board with Corey. I’ve had doubts about Corey from the beginning, and I don’t know what to think to be honest. He does not come across well in person on videos, and I do not believe he is an intuitive empath. I am an intuitive empath, and he “feels” wrong for an empath. His blog posts are better, but his narrative is pretty out there, and no one else is talking about Blue Avians and Sphere Beings. I don’t feel he’s special enough to be the only spokesperson for them, and the Inner Earth people too. Like I said, he doesn’t come across well in real life…they need someone more charismatic and literate, like David Wilcock. So I can see why some have knocked him to be honest. I don’t trust the Dark Journalist though, and he hasn’t influenced me at all. I have some doubts about Cobra too, but I need to remember they are only mouthpieces and human.