Well, there has been a lot of talk about the significance of November 11th as an energetic gateway for ascension. I have seen tons of articles on this (see here, here, here, here, here and here , just for a few of the articles) and yet, the day was a total let-down for me. Nothing happened for me. I didn’t even feel any heightened energies or anything. All was quiet on the home front. I even slept pretty good last night…no stray energies keeping me awake.

What does this mean? Sometimes I am left wondering what the hell people are talking about with all this esoteric woo-hooey stuff. Not that I’m not into esoteric woo-hooey things! LOL But it makes me wonder what some people are actually tapping into. Or is it that I’m not evolved enough to feel it? Not awakened enough? I’m starting to wonder about this whole ascension thing…it definitely has been going on for so long that I am beginning to doubt if it will ever happen! Especially when some people are so adamant about significant energetic events that don’t feel like anything to me.

Personally, I don’t see why November 11th should be a significant energy event…just because it’s an 11:11 day. I think people were reading significance into the day, because of the numerology aspect, that wasn’t even there IMO. I mean…there’s no such thing as time, and the Gregorian calendar is just an arbitrary accounting of the days. I see no reason for the day to be significant in any esoteric way. I don’t think that the date means anything to Source or to the Galactic Sun or anything. I don’t think any significant energy was sent our way from the sun or the Galactic Core because it was 11-11. I think it was just a lot of ado about nothing myself.

I did have a weird experience last night while I was reading in bed…a strange folding of perception in the way the Kindle seemed to lay against the bed…the bed seemed to be moving or folding or something. I do not think that it was related to the 11-11 “portal” though…I think that it was just part of my weird ascension symptoms. I’ve been having some weird perceptions for a while now. And I woke up with my eyes hurting this morning too. bleah I think my vision is being worked on, my visual cortex being upgraded or whatever. But it wasn’t about any kind of portal…at least not the kind of stuff that I had been reading.

I think this was an exercise in discernment…and I wonder how many people may have been left feeling inadequate because they didn’t “feel” anything yesterday too?

Not that I don’t believe that energy waves hit us and affect us on deep, spiritual levels…I felt both the 1st and 3rd Wave X events. I do expect to feel something on the 14th, during the Supermoon, since that is the closest that the moon has been to the Earth in over 70 yrs. I know the moon has an effect on us, and the planet. But that’s a celestial event, not just some arbitrary number thing. Like because it is the 11:11 number, that something significant should happen.

I guess I just want to put it out there to not believe everything that New Agers say about energy events, because I think some are full of shit and want to believe stuff is happening when it isn’t. It makes all of us look bad, so I guess that is why I am ranting in this post.

A good thing that happened though…the Schumann Resonance was 8.60 yesterday (although it’s been at 8.80 for a few days earlier in the week). 8.6 is the frequency for latonium to come into being…see my post here. Although it needs to be maintained…a new level attained. Still, it’s interesting that Gaia’s heartbeat has been so high lately. I think this has more to do with the Supermoon thing than any 11:11 portal/stargate though.

Let’s see if I “feel” anything on Monday during the Supermoon. I do intend to do a little ritual for it…an affirmations thing. I’m still ambivalent about the moon…and just read another article on it here. I dunno if I want to get into it right now though. Still too tired. bleah