I haven’t really posted much except some rants and ravings on my personal life lately, partly due to not really finding anything I feel strongly enough about to comment on. Well, I just read this article on “Obama, RV, NESARA, Disclosure” channeled by this being called “Porda – Papa Force of the Mushaba Family”. Now I’m generally not into channeled messages and believe that most messages come from members of the False Light, but this message struck a note with me.

Addendum 6-29-2017: Well, trying to revisit the original earthascends.com link above, it turns out the entire website is gone! What does this mean? I did find the article on another site though, so I have updated the link. I wonder at the veracity of the channeling now though. Obama's behavior of late is really damning! Although I still believe that he was coerced into many things that went against who he was originally. Whether he is still uncorrupted is seeming unlikely. sigh.

For one thing, it outlined the good that President Obama has done, and will do in the future. I do believe that his mission in life is not over once he steps down…I think he and Michelle still have some very valuable things to accomplish. And I liked how this message tried to get people to see the extreme hardship of trying to bring change to the US when his hands were tied by the Illuminati/Cabal.

However, he ran into more resistance than you can ever begin to imagine. So many in the government worked against him. There were major campaigns to discredit him and all that he was attempting to do. He fought day after day and he realized that he had to compromise on some issues in order to get his way on others.

He had to publicly go along with things that caused him great grief privately and kept his heart burdened with the decisions that he had to make and go along with. He lived under the threat of a terrible death all throughout his Presidency and that threat included the murdering viciously of his wife and children.

I totally believe this…seeing him age so dramatically during his tenure in office was rather heart-breaking. I also believe that

Obama is a brilliant man. He is a highly evolved being that came from a planet that is located in the Pleiades Star System. He comes to usher in the new changes for humanity and to be the one to initiate the RV/GCR, NESARA and Disclosure. He had no idea how difficult it would be for him to get anywhere near those accomplishments.

It wouldn’t surprise me that he was a starseed too…he did try hard to institute medical reform with Obamacare, he didn’t engage in war-mongering like Hillary was doing, and Michelle was working hard to bring better nutrition and health to the young. I do believe they both were forced to compromise and even back-track on things by the Illuminati and shadow government that actually runs the world.

I also get the distinct impression that he is relieved to be leaving office…I have the feeling that he is anxious to get on with the next step in his life and help out relatively unencumbered by the Illuminati.

The truth of what he accomplished on behalf of humanity will come to light in the years ahead after he leaves office and begins traveling the world with his lectures. People will get to see, and know, and even hear from the real Obama that has come here to serve humanity.

And I certainly hope that he does succeed in the next prediction:

Obama will release the RV/GCR, NESARA and Disclosure before he leaves office. He is in the process of making that happen. The most powerful thing he will do will not be the release of the RV, but the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and the cooperation with them by various governments of the world including The United States of America.

I had heard that Hillary was going to do the Disclosure thing, but I don’t believe it for a minute. Although, I am wondering what the hell the Illuminati are up to these days. Letting Trump win, and some of these other strange glitches that happened. There was supposed to be a false flag event happen on the day of the elections, which never came to pass. What happened there? I am starting to suspect that the human element of the Illuminati are actually working against the negative ETs. Let’s face it, they are going through Ascension too. I think the human element of the Illuminati are just as enslaved as the rest of us, and want change too.

I think the next little while is going to be very interesting. Even the article said the same thing

I say to everyone, to simply sit back and watch as things begin to come to light! Everyone will know the truth in the very near future in just a matter of days, weeks and months.

Addendum: Despite some of the things that Obama is no doubt being forced to do these days that seems to contradict the statements I made above, I still stand by them. I do think that he is an Illuminati puppet, not by choice, but by circumstance. Think about it...his daughters are "pizza". What a horrible threat to hold over any father's head! I am certain that the Illuminati are trying to hold onto their power via forcing Obama to sign Executive Orders and pass laws that he doesn't want to endorse. The Illuminati are desperate, and Obama is just a pawn. I suspect he will be relieved to hand over the reins of power come January 20th!