This morning’s MOTN (Middle of the Night) meditation got me re-assessing my knowledge base about what hell and the place I call the Hinterlands is. I discovered the truth about Hell and the Hinterlands quite a while ago, but for some reason, my mind decided to revisit this knowledge with the new awareness I have now.

To explain the Hinterlands…I believe it is the same thing as purgatory or limbo. It is a place where evil souls go. Hell is not a place where souls go…it is not even a place. It is a repository of negative energy, created by humans who have misused their will and created negative emotions and energy. I hate to think I have contributed to this vast reservoir of negative energy! 😦 I have heard that hell and demons would not even exist if it weren’t for us humans. Hell exists on the astral plane, along with the Hinterlands.

I experience the Hinterlands as a slanted plane of existence of varying degrees of darkness. Dark souls go to the Hinterlands at death, since they are too dark to go into the Light. It is not that they are not allowed to go into the Light…they cannot tolerate the Light and cannot go there…their vibration is wrong. They must exist in a twilight place until they can realize that the darkness is wrong and be re-educated to the Light. They must ask for help from the angels and other divine beings that are always there to help them. The darker the soul though, the less they think they need any help, and the less they desire to go into the Light. That is why the Hinterlands is like a sliding scale of darkness. At the top, there is more light, and if you keep going, you will go into the Light. As you go down, it gets darker and darker, and it will eventually lead to Hell and that darkest of dark energy.

Now revisiting this awareness of Hell and the Hinterlands, it can be re-couched in new terms. I do know that the archons are lower 4th dimensional beings. Okay…that fits. The Hinterlands is on the astral plane (the 4th dimension), and the archons would exist in the lower regions of this place. I have (unfortunately) had occasion to visit the Hinterlands, and it was a grey, barren wasteland. There is a horrible sense of danger and foreboding there, and I encountered werewolves and demons there. If you ever find yourself in such a place, please, force yourself awake. Do not remain there. It is no place for a soul to be.

Now, the demons I encountered there were what? I did encounter my own personal demon there, which resulted in some horrible nightmares when I was younger. But there were other things in there…what were these other things/demons? I am beginning to think they were archons. That archons are the demons that possess people and cause horrible problems for us humans. I do not believe that a personal demon can possess you, despite it being your own negative energy. But you have cut that energy off from yourself, and given it form (usually inadvertently) in order to “fight” it. You cut it off from yourself, so it can’t possess you. No, I believe that the demons that possess people are actually archons. And I believe they exist in what I call the Hinterlands. It is a land of sorts; as I said, I experienced it as a barren wasteland. It would make sense that lower 4th dimensional beings would exist in there.

This challenges my previous belief that Hell and that demons would not exist if not for humans…I do believe that our negative energy feeds both, but I think there are other negative beings that have created and use both things. That there are different kinds of beings that we call demons, and that the personal demon tulpa thingie is something that humans, as co-creators with God, can create. But there are other things that we call demons too…and the archons are just a new name for one kind.

Perhaps humans didn’t create Hell…perhaps the archons did. A way to collect our negative energy to feed on. This makes intuitive sense to me. Even the idea of a Satan to tempt us into negativity fits right in…archons who use mind control and implants to cause us to suffer and experience such negativity. That makes the demons scarier, for me, since they now have sentience and power to create too. That’s what makes me think they are different from the personal demon experience. I know that this kind doesn’t have a soul, a heart, or a mind. Well, I’ve heard that archons don’t have heart chakras either though. I wonder if they have souls? I think they must, since they have sentience. I do know they are being recalled back to Source though…the experiment into duality and negativity is almost over.

What happens to the Hinterlands then? If the negative beings are being defeated here, and supposedly we are the last planet to have to get rid of them, then does it cease to exist. Energy once created cannot be uncreated…it can only be transformed into something else. What does hell become then? Could it be transformed back into Light energy, and the Hinterlands will eventually cease to exist because there are no evil souls left to inhabit it? Hmmm…this is a whole other layer of inquiry for me. I wonder if the mind can explode? LOL

Ladosa Jenavi, my higher self, my original self, says to stick with my original explanations of what hell and the hinterlands are. They are accurate, since that info came from the Akashic Records. The idea of the archons as demons existing there is just ancillary information. It doesn’t change the original information…just adds to it. It explains how the archons can be lower 4th dimensional beings.

Ah-ha! I know why this came up this morning now! LOL I was reading something yesterday, an interview with Cobra, and someone asked Cobra how negative ETs can exist on a higher plane of existence. This was his answer:

Richard – Cobra, how are beings with evil intentions able to be 4th dimensional or higher?

COBRA – 4th dimension is still not beyond duality and of course those beings can be 4th dimensional. There is no reason why they should not be. (thank you)

Richard – What level do evil intension beings stop at? 5th dimension?

COBRA – 4th dimension, higher 4th dimension is the highest they can go. (thank you very much)

I would agree with this…the astral plane is kinda between the lower 3 levels (the physical, the emotional and the mental) and the upper 3 (etheric, akashic and ketheric). It is also the level that non-corporeal beings exist on. Like ghosts, and a whole host of ETs. Also, our thoughtforms, like tulpas and personal demons. Since I know that the hinterlands exists at this level, it makes sense that it can still host negative beings. The Hinterlands is the lower 4th dimension.

Hey! I’m so pleased I made this connection! LOL Something is making sense again. 😉