I just read an incredibly stupid post, where the 23 yr old author actually gives reasons why you should create a tulpa, and a link to where you can find info on how to create one. WTF?????!?!?!

I meant to discuss tulpas before, but I can tell you right now, they are not good things. They might start out okay, like a friend, but they will always become sentient and denigrate into an unhappy, even dangerous, thought-form. Why? Because they are essentially a disembodied part of yourself, cut off from your Source, since it is your creation. It is like playing God. We don’t have the right, or the intelligence, to be co-creating beings like this.

The Tibetan monks who first created one had a horrible time trying to get rid of the slightly sinister being they created. I do not believe this author that

Indian Buddhism considers tulpas to be “mind-made bodies”, and used the technique as a way to explore other realms. Tibetan Buddhists considered tulpas to be “thoughtforms” and used them to master discipline.

Not that I don’t believe that they considered them to be mind-made bodies and thoughtforms, but I don’t believe they ever used it as a way to master discipline or explore other realms. I think a few monks tried it out as an exercise, and were horrified at the result! I know they were, because I have dealt with a tulpa before. Not mine of course; I would never be so irresponsible! I did create a demon before though, and it took me 400 years to get rid of the damn thing! Creating demons is easier than you might think…be very careful in “fighting” off negative emotions. Emotions are not “things” to “fight”…they are emotions to work through and transform into something more positive. Yeah, keep trying to “fight” your depression or anxiety or anger or whatever…you will eventually give it so much energy that you will create a thoughtform. Since it’s made of negative energy, it is a demon. A tulpa is not so very different, although white light doesn’t work on them.

To get rid of my demon, I had to come to some realizations about what it really was. And the proper way to get rid of a demon is not to send it back to hell…it is to change its polarity and turn it from dark energy into light energy. Throwing white light “bombs” at them will cause them to break apart and start the conversion process: depending on how well-organized the demon is, the more you will have to work at throwing Light at it and breaking it apart. Once it is turned into white light, it can be re-absorbed into the Light. Because Light is all that exists. The Dark is merely the absence of Light. Shine a flashlight into the darkness, and what happens? It becomes light.

Dealing with the tulpa that was harassing my sister was much more difficult…throwing white light at it only caused it to notice me and come after me! I had to convince it to go back to its maker where it belonged, and where it would only ever be happy. Better for it to be bothering its maker than someone else who he wanted to keep an “eye” on. It’s now his problem to re-integrate that energy. I doubt he will (he may or may not realize what he’s done, but he is a psychopath), but I’ve had several conversations with this thing, and it realizes that it needs to stay with him, not be sent out everywhere. sigh

The author of this horrible piece of misguided information did make a really valid point, which should be the warning that she didn’t really give out:

Just like in any relationship, communication is key and resentment is always a possibility. One thing to understand is that you can’t just make your tulpa go away. Just as it takes hours and hours of work to manifest your tulpa, it will take hours and hours of ignoring them to make them go away. Then there is the moral dilemma: am I killing a living thing? Also, you will never be able to physically touch your tulpa. Be sure to consider these things before beginning to manifest a tulpa.

Ummm…you’re forgetting that the thoughtform eventually becomes sentient, so yeah, it becomes a person. Getting rid of it isn’t so much the moral issue as creating it is!!! WTF? sigh

Please people, do NOT create tulpas!!!

the pic above is by Deviantart artist Ulwik