It seems that there is all kinds of energy bombarding us these days…ascension energies changing our DNA and cell structure, causing healing on all levels. Yeah, I have felt various ones of these, and not felt other ones (can we say the 11-11 portal was a bust????).

But I have been feeling something lately, although I am hesitant to call it energy…rather, a lack of energy. According to this Energy Update:

The last few days have been a combination of unusual and ‘heavy energy‘ – As in feeling very tired, ‘run down’, cough/sore throat and the need to rest or go to bed earlier but then not getting a lot of sleep. Feeling dizzy or lightheaded, or like a zombie – it will vary…as it weaves in and out.

We recently had a very big ‘elevation’ energetically with the super moon energy and now is the other swing of the pendulum.

Yes, this is what I have been feeling. I’ve been going to bed as early as 8:30 pm these last few nights; I am just that tired! I have been trying to read in bed, and find myself dozing off as early as 6 pm. By 8:30 or so, I have given up trying to read, and just decide to go to bed. Yes, this is very unusual for me, since I am a night owl. Definitely I am feeling some kind of crazy “heavy energy”, which may very well be the let-down from the Supermoon, which I didn’t seem to feel. Strange that I am now feeling the let-down from it though.

I think it might be some other kind of energy though…this heavy energy. As this author notes in her post:

Wooow, what a crazy period has it been ever since the outcome of US elections. So many people got upset, angry and scared. And they still are. The comfort zone is gone and nobody knows what the future will bring and what this guy is up to. Nothing the ego mind copes well with at all. Along with that, we had an increase in major Earthquakes over the past weeks. This planet is really shaken to the core. In parallel, lightworkers are still busy with lots of physical ailments, last bits of emotional clearing and… the thought spirals are back. But they feel different. They are spiraling around a lot more topics than ever before.

Hey yeah…that has certainly been my problem lately. I seem to be reading about so many different things that I now am in information overload and don’t know what to believe! Thought spirals…sounds about right. I think it’s been obvious in my posts. LOL

This article makes note of something I wasn’t aware of before…the notion of chaos leading to the rebuilding of a system at a higher level.

a system needs to go into chaos in order to rebuild itself at a higher level. It is a universal law and basis of each evolutionary process. You can observe that anywhere in nature. A rigid structure cannot change.

This reminds me of a quote by Krishnamurti “I don’t know is the space in which knowledge can arise”. I’m not sure who said that something that is known is in essence dead. It is no longer actively pursued and thus is non-changing. Only things that are unknown are alive and full of mystery and life. Thus, it is important to not have rigid beliefs…they leave no room for growth. Still…I’m feeling like my mind is so wide open that my brains are falling out these days! sigh It’s good to know that this is a part of the evolutionary process, and part of ascension…to be questioning everything and falling into chaos so real Truth can arise.

The ego doesn’t like this though, although I think in an attempt to protect itself, I have now gotten to the point where I will come across something that is way out there, doesn’t resonate with me, and I am just refusing to read it and try to understand it. I am starting to question whether it’s important that I know it all. My Chitra self says yes, but I’m feeling like gagging her at times! LOL

The good news from the above site and the post on Get Ready for your Mission is that our mission is not so difficult after all.

So, honestly: Isn’t that a great message, that all you have to do is further focus on yourself, your healing and to stay in the light, to be love and to share it with as many people as possible? That is all there is to do. The system will heal itself through love. So please stop worrying about the outcome of the election and wrapping your mind around things that you cannot change. Again: This chaos is necessary to destroy the old energetic patterns. Only then a shift to a higher evolved state of being can take place.

This chaos is being played out not just on a personal level, but on a global level as well. It explains the craziness with the Trump riots, the WW3 posturings, the war in Syria…all sorts of chaos being played out in the world right now. Good to know that it’s just part of the program. I do hope that it all plays out soon though…I hate to see people being hurt by this craziness. Meditating for peace has never been more relevant.

But the chaos is happening for a couple of reasons:

Reason number one: We are shifting in and out of Unity Consciousness at a very high rate. Within seconds! We are going back and forth: 3D-5D-3D-5D-3D-5D. This is part of our recalibration process, and our mind tries to understand that weird dance – but it is not capable to process that vast amount of information coming in with the energy stream.. So please know that these thought spirals are perfectly normal and are caused by the polarities switching within our cellular structure.

Reason number two: We are tuned into the collective field and are picking up all the fears that are rising to surface for billions of the awakening newbies. So be aware that the thought spirals and emotional breakouts you are experiencing are not all yours. This is collective stuff…

I think both reasons are valid, for me anyways. I do think a lot of my chaos is from shifting from 3D-4D-5D though. Everyone seems to forget that level. It is part of the equation though, since we have to move through 4D to get to 5D. Yup, that makes the dance even weirder! And being an empath and doing the collective shifting is definitely part of it. Sometimes I can tell when this is the case, but not always. It is all rather overwhelming though, and I am sure this is why I am so tired. I have affirmed for the ascension process to speed up, so I think that’s what I’m getting! LOL That’s okay though… 🙂