It was beautiful yesterday…upper 60s with warm sunshine. A gorgeous fall day that definitely didn’t feel like the middle of November. What a difference a day can make! It was still warm overnight, because I woke up in the middle of the night too warm. Which in itself doesn’t mean anything, but the coconut oil beside my bed (which I use on my eyes so they don’t dry out and bother me in the morning) was very soft. I still haven’t needed to put on the heat, so it was not that. So during the night it was still warm outside.

I’m not sure when the temperature changed, but around 11 am, I noticed that the sky had gotten dark, the wind had picked up, and it was rainy. Not real rain: the sprinkles kind. Around 12 pm, I looked out again, and noticed that there were ice pellets falling from the sky! Not exactly snow, but still white. bleah I checked the Weather Network, and the temps were 41F but felt like 32F. Freezing temperature. Yet I wonder if that is sufficient to cause ice pellets to form.  So I looked it up and found this:

As the rain continues to fall, it passes through a layer of subfreezing air just above the surface and cools to a temperature below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F). If this layer of subfreezing air is sufficiently deep, the raindrops may have time to freeze into ice pellets (sleet) before reaching the ground.

“A layer of subfreezing air just above the surface”…hmmm…the ground is still very warm. There are still flowers out there. Roses and mums and a few other hardy flowers. I wouldn’t think the air above the surface would be that cold. Strangely, I also found articles on dry ice when I googled this. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Hmmm…

I mention this because I had noticed a bunch of chemtrails in the sky just the day or so before. We don’t seem to get many chemtrails here (thankfully), so it was very noticeable to me. Now today we have ice pellets. And strong winds.

Wind always reminds me of Oya, which is her element. I said a brief HI to her, only to find she wasn’t in the wind. That took me aback…and she told me this wasn’t her wind. WTH? This really makes me think that this crazy weather we have today is not natural. I think the chemtrails engineered this damn weather for us…it is strange that it went from being so nice yesterday to dark and dreary and windy and rainy today.

Yes, the warm weather we’ve been experiencing lately is strange too, but I do know that with the pole reversal, Canada is meant to become tropical. So it would be natural in a way…a new natural weather pattern. We had a very mild winter last year…hardly any snow, but lots of rain. A rainy season, if you will. And the summer was very hot, which has become our new norm.

We also usually get lots of wind here…we are on the edge of Tornado Alley. We rarely get tornadoes though, although one did happen this past summer. But it was very small…my mother didn’t even realize one had hit the city! But the high winds are normal around here…and they can do a lot of damage on their own! Trees are always losing their limbs…it is standard to see the city come by and pick up all the broken branches along the roadsides after one of our storms. They aren’t as good about it out here in this little town though. 😦

But since I’ve become aware of Oya as one of my spirit guides, I have taken a more benevolent view of the winds, and can actually “feel” her in the wind. Usually. Not this time though. And she seemed upset by this fact…that this wind was not of her essence I guess you could say. She could not “ride” this wind; it wasn’t natural. It actually felt kinda…I dunno, cold and foreboding. It’s been so dark and dreary today…it makes me want to hunker down and not go outside. Sometimes the wind seems invigorating, but that’s not the nuance I’m getting today. Often it seems to exist to just dry up all the rain water. That doesn’t feel like its purpose today…it seems like it’s meant to rip the leaves off of the poor trees. There are still plenty of trees with leaves out there, which is odd too. But the warm weather explains it.

This all makes me wonder if this isn’t a geoengineered weather pattern we are in. Oya says yes. And she’s not pleased.