After yesterday’s post, I was feeling rather powerless against the seemingly hopeless situation of geoengineering of our atmosphere. There is a lot of bad stuff going on in our world, geared to harm us and control population growth. The Dark does not like humans, and is trying to eradicate us. If you don’t believe this, then you’re not paying attention to GMOs, Big Pharma whose drugs cause more harm than good, pollution, fracking, etc, etc.

I try to mitigate the damage to my food by blessing it, and saying prayers over it. I also use a mini pyramid structure I created to help negate the negative aspects in my food and water. I use a piece of white howlite in my Brita filter, and use Dr. Emoto’s precepts of sending positive energy to my water. Although I drink distilled water, I have read that it is rather “dead”, so I enliven it with the positive affirmations.

But what to do with the damn chemtrails? I had hoped that getting out of the city, and away from the huge city of Detroit, would minimize my exposure, and it has. I do not see a lot of chemtrails here in this small town. I am always disgusted to find them over the large fields of crops though. But in town, there aren’t many to be seen. So after noticing a couple of them in the last few days, I wasn’t actually surprised by the weird weather we had yesterday. But how do we stop this from happening?!?!?

I love how synchronicity leads me to answers. This morning I found a nice little post on just this subject, by one of my blogs that I follow. The article is called “Calling Out To The Sun” and empowered me to use this very method to help with the chemtrail problem.

What can you and I do?

Intend every day and visual blue skies and sunshine.

Every day.  Around the clock.  Intend it.

Visualize those blue, clear skies.

Visualize our brilliant Star sending us those plasma waves and energy that is literally turning us back into Who We Really Are.

When it happens, BLESS the experience.  Give thanks.  Ask for more.  I have found saying “thank you more please” is easy to remember, feels really good and is very powerful.

I like this simple blessing…THANK YOU, MORE PLEASE. It is easy to remember, and I’m more likely to remember it at odd times. So I will be able to give this blessing more often, and for many things in my life.