I’ve written about this topic before, and have decided to give it less power by referring to it as an octopus thingie. According to Cobra, that is what it looks like:

The main problem remains the plasma accretion vortex around planet Earth, full of strangelet and toplet bombs. This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body.  This vortex is not a dead plasma field; it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.

It is the base source of the problems we have here.  The plasma vortex which extends throughout the solar system has planet Earth in its center.   Planet Earth is the central anchor point of that entity and the entity has plasma toplet bombs in the body, plasma bodies.  Until this is resolved The Event cannot happen.  So this is the major, the main obstacle actually, towards The Event.

So it needs to be cleared and removed, so not only The Event of Full Disclosure to happen, but also our Ascension. I guess that the latest intel by Cobra has said that the tentacles have been removed, but the body still needs dissolving. According to the Situation Update and Monthly Update here,

The Light forces are quite successful in severing the tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity from its main body that is attached to Earth. On the other hand, clearing of the main mass of Yaldabaoth is a serious challenge and there is a severe war taking place on the plasma plane around the surface of the planet.

It is very reassuring to know that the benevolent ETs are removing this octopus thingie, for its very nature makes it hard for me to fathom how I can get rid of such a thing. I will be including the removal of this thing in my 6 pm prayer for peace. I have extended this 1 minute prayer I have done for years now, into something more expansive…not just healing the areas of war and strife, but sending light around the planet and I will now use it to dissolve this thing.

I guess mainstream science has found physical proof that this thing exists…see the image in my header. That is a 3D representation that the astronomer used to map it out. Amazing!

Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE: Huge structures spotted circling Earth filled with charged particles from the sun

  • The discovery was made by a student at the University of Sydney
  • She found that plasma was being trapped in Earth’s magnetic field lines
  • This is thought to be occurring about 370 miles (600km) above the ground
  • And using a new technique, the astronomer was able to map them in 3D

So it’s looking more and more like this Yaldaboath is a real thing. Glad to know that my discernment is still on track. LOL Still kinda scary to think about, but it is in the process of being eliminated. I think it is more than the positive ETs though…I do believe each of us can help too. I like to think that my higher self is helping out…that Ladosa Jenavi is probably working with CO-mander Gogli and others to help take this thing down.

Why? Not just because I am still so tired and feeling like I’m doing a lot of “stuff” at night while I’m supposed to be sleeping and rejuvenating. But because I believe that is the reason that Gogli and my people are here. To help the humans and this planet. I think that is why I became aware of this entity…so I can do something about it on a higher level. Though my outer 3D life is pretty bereft of experiences, I do believe more is happening on other levels. I am constantly reading that we are multidimensional beings…what else could this mean? My 3D persona is researching information that my higher self(s) are using to help. Makes intuitive sense to me. 🙂

Addendum: As of December 11th, 2016, Cobra reports that

 We have entered the phase of the final clearing of the Yaldabaoth entity and all remaining plasma toplet bombs.

See the complete intel here.