A couple of days ago, one of NASA’s camera satellites caught the above amazing image. According to this site:

The picture was captured by Nasa’s STEREO H1 satellites which orbit the Sun, reports Mail Online.

Pamela Johnson, who came across the sphere, noted several frames were missing from the Nasa feed over the next few days.

She wrote: “Our Sun is casting the light that is coming in from the left side of the frame. This satellite’s archives showed the Sun began reacting to this object on November 15th and there are several frames missing on the 15th and 16th. Wow!”

Other commenters have said that, although the image looks a lot like our sun, the surface patterns aren’t actually similar to our Sun’s. One commenter stated

“If you ask me, Nasa would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public. And it looks like something is projecting this image in space, (a) hallographic perhaps or project blue beam.”

I have heard that it is probably a glitch in the satellites, and Tyler over at SecureTeam 10 explains that theory well (see the video here). I think it’s a glitch alright…and not the sort that is a system malfunction, but rather a glitch that the ETs made sure showed up on NASA’s feed. Note how several frames were missing in the following days, once NASA realized what was being shown on their feeds. That bastion of disinformation and  secrecy had to make sure no more of this kind of disclosure was accidentally viewed by the public.

I’m kinda disappointed that one of my fave sites is falling in line with the MSM though. He references NASA’s own article on “Images Artifacts – Corrupted Images”, a page that is no doubt a CYA page. Tyler even went so far as to contact the NASA rep indicated at the bottom of the page, and was told the cover story of the satellite overheating and the data being corrupted and that it was actually a superimposed image of the sun. EXCEPT…another observer had already noted that

“The surface patterns do not match up to any details of the Sun and any spectrum, suggesting it is not the Sun.”

I have also read somewhere, that it might be the Blue Spheres that Corey Goode talks about. I believe that is what they are too. That was the first thought that went through my head when I saw the images…and the fact that they appear and disappear so quickly make me think they are a cloaked mothership of some sort. I am certain that the Blue Sphere Beings were probably purposefully exposing their mothership in order to force Disclosure.

Could this be a precursor to the Full Disclosure that is being suggested may occur while Obama is still president? I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be the president responsible for admitting the truth, and I think this is a lead-in to that. I think Full Disclosure is going to be happening real soon! 😀


Here it is April 26, 2018, and still no full disclosure. Very much a bummer, but there is a lot of soft disclosure going on if you pay attention. My attention was drawn to this old post, and I just want to say that something weird is going on with the Schumann Resonance...it has been glitchy for a week or so. I do look at it each day, and the SR seems to get "stuck" at a certain point, and stay there for the rest of the day. I have noticed it 3 times so far this week, and it's doing it again today. :( They are keeping something significant out of the general population's notice, because I felt something big happen a couple of days ago! We got hit with something big...I think it was a solar flare to be honest. Will I find verification? I doubt it, if the mechanisms used to measure the sun and various other metrics are being tampered with to keep us in the dark.