At first I dismissed this whole idea of a Clinton pedophile ring happening at the upper levels of government, and that John Podesta and his brother Tony were a part of it. I rather admired John Podesta for his stance on ETI disclosure and zero point energy endorsement. It made him seem like a good guy trying to steer Hillary right. Now, I don’t know what to think.

I’ve been ignoring the posts on the whole Pizzagate thing, and was thinking it was just another facet of the whole Clinton smear campaign. Same kind of kooks who were rioting about Trump, just the other side of the fence. However…I just encountered this article on Yahoo, A Fake Conspiracy For Our Fevered Age. Well, it’s actually by Bloomberg, which is a Cabal MSM site. This raised my discernment meter to a high level. With all the talk about censoring alternative media sites and flagging them as “Fake News”, the title raised a flag for me.

Now I am disturbed. And I guess I should be; after all, it is a very disturbing idea. Yes, I do believe that the Cabal and the Vatican are pedophiles and child abusers, even doing the whole human sacrifice thing. I guess I just wasn’t ready to have it in my face and in my own relative backyard. Suddenly, the whole idea of child sex slavery is very much in all of our faces with this Pizzagate.

Since the Fake Conspiracy story raised red flags for me, I decided to explore the Pizzagate scandal a little more. This video here seems like a really good overview to date, and I discovered some very disturbing things, like the weird emails that were leaked, and the artwork that various of the key players in this scandal actually possess. WTH?!?!?

Looking into this a bit, I now discover I have a splitting headache. I suspect it’s because I am disturbed on a soul level, and want to just ignore this horribleness. But then I got to thinking…could the Cabal be trying to influence me/us on another level, so that I/we won’t look into the Truth? Could this be a trigger to get me to stop investigating it? I am certain that the Cabal doesn’t want this to get out, and are using MSM to try to turn it into a hoax/fake news item. Making those of us who are sensitive literally sick when we read about it could be a control tactic.

I am no longer reading up on it, and my headache is lessening. Hmmm…I think I should continue looking into the Truth of this. The images are horrible, and I started to watch a video from a little girl who was a victim. It’s all very disturbing to say the least. What is wrong with these people???? 😥

Addendum: I will be posting more links here on this subject matter so people can investigate further. I am staying away from the hysterical types that spew hate at the people involved…this does not help. But these links I am posting are lucid and professional.

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