Well, I’ve been reading some of the Cosmic Disclosure posts on Corey Goode’s blog SphereBeingAlliance.com, and specifically some older posts that gave some interesting information about the Ascension process.

It seems that the Cabal are leaving and retreating to the Antarctic where they figure they will be safe from a couple of things…both from retaliation when Disclosure hits, and protection from some solar event, as outlined in this post:

They’re looking to escape from something. So they’re expecting some sort of an event to occur, and they’re trying to escape from it. And apparently they decided that it was better to get off of Earth and out into the furthest part of the solar system.

So they know something is coming. And according to this post, which Corey used to explain some of his mistreatment at the hands of the Secret Space Program:

We’re about to experience a lot of ‘end time madness’, that the SSP were not immune from it, and that the strangest part, towards the end, was that when masses of people start having visitations from dead family members, that that is a big sign. It’ll . . . It’s gonna happen en masse that that is a big sign that the veil has thinned to the point to where we’re about to go through the transition.

Or, as David Wilcock put it: “mass ghost sightings start to occur”. So…the veil is thinning to the point where we will soon be seeing the dead, and then probably Disclosure will happen and then a Solar Flash. It seems likely that the Ascension won’t happen until everyone is awakened to the Truth about what is actually going on with the Cabal and the Matrix, and the financial reset has happened. I do believe that these things are going to happen really soon, especially in light of this Pizzagate, Trump winning the election, and the Cabal trying to leave the planet and retreating to underground bases in the Antarctic. Wow…I can’t wait for all this to come to fruition! And according to Corey, there are ETs out there who have gone through the same thing recently, and they are willing to help us out. I for one am willing to welcome them and their assistance, and cannot wait to join our Galactic brethren. I wonder where we will be in 20 years??? 🙂