Well, this is really a very ugly, nasty piece of intel on a horrible, scandalous nightmare. This whole Pizzagate thing makes me so sick at heart…dear God, I hope those poor children can be healed. It really sickens me to think that human beings can actually do such things, and it’s definitely something I’d rather not think about.

But I woke this morning to statements to that effect (of not paying attention to Pizzagate and the Podestas) running in my mind. At first I wanted to agree with these statements I kept hearing in my head, until I realized that they were not my thoughts! Ohmigod…what a bizarre realization that something else was trying to implant thoughts to overlook the whole thing in my mind! Yes, I believe that there is some sort of mind control “program” being put out by the archons/reptilians/Cabal – whatever you want to call it – to control the awareness of this atrocity. Wow…I’m so glad I woke up and became lucid enough to counteract that programming. It was weird to hear the words in my head and realize that they weren’t my thoughts…and I determined that I wouldn’t shrink from the ugliness and horror of this Pizzagate.

So…I will start by discussing the Podestas. This came as a shocker to me, since my first introduction to John Podesta was via a Wikileaks email urging Hillary to meet and discuss ETIs (extraterrestrial intelligence) and zero point energy. I assumed that he was encouraging Disclosure, but now I am no longer sure. Maybe he was really wanting to discuss how to deal with the ETIs and their insistence on bringing on Disclosure, and bringing free energy to the world. I no longer think he is a good guy. Well…how could he be? He was Hillary’s campaign manager. It disturbs me that he was in Obama’s administration too, as a Counsellor no less! And unsurprisingly, he was Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton. Well, he’s been playing behind the scenes for a while now it seems. 😦

And his brother Tony is a piece of work…I have seen pictures of the paintings he has in his private collection. They are horrible in their implication…not so much pedophilia but images of dead children’s bodies, in marshes. What is wrong with these artists??? And what exactly is their subject matter gleaned from? My heart cries out for these poor children! Why does Tony Podesta have such subject matter on his living room walls? It’s grotesque and beyond disturbing!

Now it is coming to light that both John and Tony Podesta were in Portugal on May 3, 2007, the date of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann. This was the little girl who went missing from her hotel room, and no one knows what happened to her. I’m so sorry to know that she probably wound up in a pedophile ring. The picture above shows the police artist sketches of suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance…right down to the mole that Tony Podesta has over one eye! There must be a way to prove that these two are the men responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance, and to have them tell the truth of what happened to her! I will do my part by giving voice to this horror, and show the pictures that prove that there is something horrific going on in the upper echelons of the Establishment.

All those children that go missing each year…you know something bad has happened to most of them. I’m not talking the ones snatched by a parent in a divorce situation…it’s the ones you never hear from ever again that undoubtedly have something bad happen to them. I can only hope that they are dead…that they aren’t having to repeatedly endure such horrors. 😥

I sincerely hope that the Podestas, and the Clintons, and the Comet Ping Pong Pizza places are shut down and these people are arrested and stopped real soon! My intuition is telling me that this is the start of the whole bringing down of the Cabal. Disclosure is coming, and we will start seeing arrests and the Truth coming out. How strange that the crazy sounding name of Pizzagate is what will blow things wide open! Of course, it only sounds crazy until you know that pizza, hotdog, cheese, etc are all pedophile code words. How truly twisted!