It is interesting to see all the real “fake news” sites rearing their ugly heads now that the war on fake news has been started. Wow…how stupid do they think we are? That we can’t see through the stupid lies that the MSM is putting out now? I mean, the stories are so transparently fake it’s blowing my mind. I blogged on one story yesterday…the whole Pizzagate horror, which I hadn’t wanted to believe in until I saw the fake news story on how it was “fake news”. Stupid, stupid MSM…I think that mainstream media is scrambling, blindly panicking to the extent that they don’t even realize that people aren’t going to buy into any of the blatant lies any longer.

What story has me in a foment today? There’s a “report” out that Russian propaganda was responsible for the election results. I had read propaganda elsewhere that claims that Russia was trying to skew the election in Trump’s favor, because he was willing to work with Putin and Russia. Unlike Hillary, who was trying hard to start WW3 with Russia. Now, it’s one thing to spout fake news without any support, but when your support is shady too…well, WTH??

In this story posted by Yahoo,

The report comes from a nonpartisan group of researchers called PropOrNot. The group describes itself as “concerned American citizens” with expertise in computer science, national security and public policy. The researchers say they traced the origins of posts and mapped the connections among accounts that delivered similar messages.

Well, if you google PropOrNot, you will quickly learn that they are a fake news site themselves. What’s really interesting is their own site declares them to be:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016.

Ummm…since when???? Since 2016??? Seriously? sigh How much do you want to bet that they were created specifically for the purpose of discrediting the Russians? Oh…here are their goals as well:

This site is a resource for people who want to understand Russian influence operations targeted at US audiences, distinguish between propaganda and commercial “clickbait”, and help identify propaganda and push back.

What’s really interesting, is that they have exactly 4 posts so far. LOL Yup, definitely a reputable, long-standing source of information. There is no indication on their site how they do their research, yet they claim:

On Facebook, PropOrNot estimates that stories planted or promoted by the disinformation campaign were viewed 213 million times.

They “estimate”? What in the world is this based on??? I’m supposed to just trust a site that was only created on October 30th, 2016? Here’s their first post, and their very title shows their bias:

Introducing PropOrNot: Identifying & Combatting Russian Online Propaganda

Wow…just wow. SMH How many more fake news sites will be created to debunk alternative news sites now that there is a war on fake news??? You know, I think I will be trolling Yahoo for ideas for my blog, since they are turning out to be a great source of fake news.

Addendum: It turns out the Washington Post is the original source of this story, and it seems the alternative news sites are very upset at being targeted. The Natural has demanded a retraction and apology from the Washington Post, and is ready to press defamation charges against them if they don't! Very interesting more here.