I have said it before, and am now finding that others agree, that Trump is not the worst choice for president. I still believe that Trump was the lesser of the two evils here, even more so in light of Hillary’s leaked emails and the horrible truths arising from them. I have heard that Trump is not part of that whole Pizzagate/pedophile ring thing going on in Washington, and that cleaning up the whole mess is the impetus behind his “Drain the Swamp” campaign. That he is aware of such goings on, and wants to stop it. This does strike me intuitively as accurate. I do not believe that he is involved in child abuse/sex rings/spirit cooking/etc. He may be racist and sexist and a big mouthed blowhard at times, but I don’t believe he’s involved in that kind of back room Satanist shit. I think maybe America did a better job than they realize in electing him as their new POTUS.

I just found another post that has some very cogent analyses on the election and Donald Trump that resonates with me. Therese Zumi Sumner over at Prepare for Change.net has some surprisingly good insights into who Trump is and what the election results mean. For instance, she notes that Trump was the anti-establishment candidate:

Trump’s obvious shortcomings made it more difficult for people all along the political spectrum to appreciate the fact that he is the only general election, major party Presidential candidate in at least 100 years to be outside of, and go up against, the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Clinton/Bush globalist machine. The reality we are in seems to be that Trump won, and I believe that it’s because he represented this overdue checkmate to the longstanding corruption.

Of course he  can go against them…he’s a filthy rich billionaire too. He’s been there too…and knows the score. He knows what goes on at the top. But he’s such a loose cannon that they can’t control him. So Therese looks closer at his campaign promises and policies and finds that Donald wasn’t the idiot that the media tried to portray him as.

Trump’s proposed policies reflect a mind-boggling combination of repugnant misunderstanding and insightful leadership. His inability to articulate and defend policies effectively didn’t help. But the inconsistency is what presses us to move past politics to principles, and to guide Trump and his team to find the missing moral compass.

I’m personally of the opinion that he wasn’t trying to win the election…that he was shooting himself in the foot to prevent it. I still suspect that he is in shock at having actually won the election. But looking closer at his stances, it’s clear he’s not stupid, and what he may have said is not necessarily what he meant. He has some very good things that he stands for, as Therese points out:

I deeply appreciate Trump’s stated intentions:

  • to make peace with Russia
  • to audit (and hopefully shut down) the Federal Reserve
  • to disband NATO, which I am convinced has become simply the emerging imperialist One World Army for the New World Order, and obligates countries to commit soldiers, weapons and taxpayer money to any member country that claims it is being threatened.

I admire his informed positions against:

  • mandatory vaccination
  • coercive globalization
  • establishment politics
  • the TPP — The Trans-Pacific Partnership and other coercive sovereignty destroying trade deals
  • the bankers’ scheme of using false premises about global warming data to authorize a one world government structure, under their control, and the mandatory global taxes to fund it.

And she looked closer at his crazy stances on things and realized that there were more to what he was saying than first meets the eye.

Many of the Left and even some on the Right are calling Trump “racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic,” and even a neo-Nazi. I have watched very carefully, and I fully understand how tens of millions have gotten this impression, both here and abroad. He fed right into it, as did the Liberal and even the Conservative media. I still believe he and his team have the opportunity and the obligation to meticulously clear this up, if I am correct in my observation that these accusations are not actually accurate or to be the basis of his policies.

Like his stance on immigration…I don’t believe he’s as racist as he made himself out to be.

Because Trump made sweeping statements about illegal immigrants and suggested completely inappropriate things like dividing Mexican families who are already here, he understandably got labeled “racist.” I have listened to and watched hundreds of his interviews, and what I understand is that Trump is not against immigration; he is against illegal immigration.

Her whole section on this is extremely insightful and well thought out…I do have to agree with her that Trump is more about cleaning up the illegal immigration exodus that is currently going on in the world due to the illegal wars. Stop the wars, and you stop the exodus. I also believe he’s more interested in stopping the damn wars so there is no longer an immigrant problem. He certainly didn’t say it well, but I do believe that is his ultimate goal. She says it better:

Forced acceptance of refugees or simply migrants, as we are now clearly seeing throughout European countries like Germany, Italy, Austria and Sweden, can lead to grave economic and social destruction of the host countries.

Ohmigod…she goes on to dissect so many of the other “hot topics” that his blustery rhetoric confused people on that I really can’t go into it all here. You must read her post “Election Reflections and an Open Letter to Donald Trump from Foster Gamble“. I have read it a couple of times now, and keep finding wonderfully insightful nuggets that help me see Donald as the potentially best president the US has seen in a long while.