I just saw a couple of videos highlighting the horror that’s going on in Australia with this alleged “thunderstorm asthma”. I guess 6 people have died from complications, and over 8500 people were hospitalized. WTH??? Since when does a thunderstorm cause serious attacks of asthma??? Well, since the 1980s it seems. According to Wikipedia:

The phenomenon was first recognised and studied after three recorded events in the 1980s; in Birmingham, England, in 1983 and in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 and 1989. Since then there have been further reports of widespread thunderstorm asthma in Wagga Wagga, Australia; London, England; Naples, Italy;[6] Atlanta, United States;[7] and Ahvaz, Iran.[8] A further outbreak in Melbourne, in November 2016, that overwhelmed the ambulance system and some local hospitals, resulted in at least six deaths.[9][10][11]

Isn’t it weird that this current incident in Melbourne is already in Wikipedia??? It all seems kinda fishy to me. My conspiracy theorist radar is sending up a red flag here. I am not the only one who wonders if something else isn’t going on here…can we say experimentation on the populace? Poor Australia…my prayers for protection are going out to you!!! And I am not the only one who wonders this. This video here that first called my attention to this, has many commenters asking if there were planes overhead prior to the storm, chemtrails, even “Something in the rain. Biological warfare? Genetic targeting? or pre-disposition to upper-respiratory weakness?. De-population Agenda at work.” Yeah…everyone isn’t buying this whole “thunderstorm asthma” thing.

The comment about something in the rain reminds me of the Unexplained Files episode I watched yesterday on red rain. It turns out there was something biological in the red rain, which was radioactive and could possibly cause cancer and death if ingested. It rained this stuff for 30 days in India back in 2001. Hmmm…the Indian investigators were of the opinion it was extraterrestrial, but I am more inclined to look closer to home. Yeah…population control is my first thought too. 😦

I think they have been geoengineering the weather for a much longer time than we realize. I think the first experiments may have been more obvious, like the red rain, but I’m sure that it’s all a Cabal/Illuminati agenda that we are seeing in play here. They were targeting poor, third world countries, now they’re targeting second world countries, but ones like Australia that have a very different kind of environment than the rest of the world, where weird things happen to begin with. I think maybe us Canadians should start to worry too. 😦

Addendum, Dec 2nd: Here is an article that comes to the same conclusion as I do about this suspiciously weird phenomenon of Thunderstorm Asthma. I guess 8 people have died now, and I'm finally seeing others who are questioning the validity of a thunderstorm that can cause asthma in such a large population. As the article suggests:

Were the citizens in Melbourne just specimens in a Petri dish during a grand-scale test of a biological weapon?

And this article also poses the provocative question:
So… Is the mainstream media just playing a game now to see how much nonsense they can get people to believe without question?