Well, it seems that in light of the recount that Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are wanting, Trump is speaking out on voter fraud and the millions of illegal voters. Of course Trump knows the truth…the alternative media have been screaming about voter fraud for months now. There has been tons of proof showing that not only does George Soros own the electronic voting booths (and he’s pro-Clinton), but I remember seeing lists of states who needed to be aware that their state had problems with voter rigging. And I know I read about all the dead people who were registered to vote, and how some people complained that their dogs even were registered! Of course the voting was rigged…but what went wrong?

I know that the Establishment wanted Clinton to win…hence the rigged voting. I did hear that the positive military were working hard to stop it though. There was talk they were going to police the whole thing…whether this happened or not I don’t know. I think that the Alliance (both human and positive ET) were behind the win of Trump. The more I’m reading in MSM about the demonizing of Trump, the more I am inclined to think that he is the right person to be in the White House. He’s got the Establishment running scared!!!

Thanks to this Yahoo “news” piece, I now know that Trump was well aware of the voter rigging. That is why he asserted that he would not abide by the election results if he lost.  The stupid article claims

There is no evidence to indicate that there was a significant number of people, let alone millions, who voted illegally in the election on Nov. 8.

and uses this Snopes article as proof that there is no evidence. Well…we all know that Snopes is a mom and pop site that is part of the “fake news” genre. You can’t believe everything they print…they are underwritten by the very MSM that touts their version of the truth right left and center! Don’t think their advertisers don’t pressure them to write what the Establishment wants. There is no way that Snopes is the definitive authority on anything. WTH is Yahoo thinking??? Talk about grasping at straws. sigh Yahoo is losing credibility fast IMO.

I must say that I am getting really disgusted at the vitriol that is still spewing out of people’s mouths against Trump though. Fucking grow up people! It is what it is…pull up your big girl/boy panties and deal with it. I refuse to take anyone who is spouting hate seriously. Besides – I know that much of it is by paid trolls who are trying to foment discord. Good grief people…open your eyes.  Americans aren’t that blind and stupid, are they???

I was encouraged to see some commenters who were the voice of reason, and even some who said they worked for the elections department and claim they have seen all kinds of voter fraud. Love this one guy’s comment:

Excuse me. I work for an elections department. I am a temp working fulltime hours. I now have hands in and have witnessed the voter fraud of historical proportions here in california. I along with dozens of other employees have been extracting envelopes for the last 3-1/2 weeks since the early voting began. There is a maximum of 3 ballots per envelope since there are 3 ballots to vote on. You don’t have to vote on all 3 but there should be no more than 3 ballots per envelope here in california (northern). So far some of us have pulled out as many #$%$ ballots in one envelope. We are not allowed to look at ID’s and are told to lie that the computer will match the signature they registered with to the signature on there voter ballots. Lie lie lie. I have worked in ALL areas of the voting system. Only 51% of registered voters voted in california. Many of them double and triple voted. You don’t hear of anyone getting arrested here because they go to sanctuary cities such as San Franfreako or Suckramental where they’ll be safe. Yes Donald Trump, out here in Mexifornia, millions of illegals and many voted. They can even get a driver’s license at any DMV now no questions asked. Is our constitutional laws just spiffy folks?

I was also encouraged to read a lot of the replies to the nasty comments…many are not as rabid and chastised the blowhards. I really believe there are trolls out there purposely spreading hate and discord in these articles. All these fake news stories are just ploys to try to sway the common people to their way of thinking. I sincerely hope that there are enough awakened souls out there that they can see through this ploy! That their discernment is sending out flags that something is wrong with all this madness and hate. What the hell is the matter with all this hatred and Trump bashing? I know many of my American Facebook friends are just as disturbed by it. Even the ones who aren’t happy about Trump winning.

I sincerely hope that the recount doesn’t happen, and if it does, that it doesn’t find in favor of Clinton. That would be a million times worse! I hope Pizzagate blows wide open and she gets arrested instead. I am counting on Trump to shake things up and really instigate some real change…America needs it!

It is encouraging that other alternative news sites realize this too…this article here, where I got the picture for my header, is in alignment with my thoughts, and has many more links of proof of voter fraud. Just do a Google search for voter fraud to find all kinds of memes about what is going on, like these here:




Of course, all a meme does is prove that people are willing to put their beliefs in picture form, but most of the images come from sites that offer proof. Do a search…the truth is out there.