I have eschewed Google and am now using StartPage for my search engine. It still is too entrenched in Google stuff for my liking, but I will continue in my search for a search engine that isn’t going to censor my search results. Google has already changed their algorithms to weed out the “fake news sites” from their results. This is totally unacceptable to me, and I have switched. I am also looking for an alternative to Facebook, although the biggest problem there is that I have some very good friends on Facebook I don’t want to leave behind. And I don’t know if they’d join me in a new app. sigh

Anyway…this war on “fake news” (ie. alternative media) has alternative media up in arms. Which is only right…ummm, hello, can we say freedom of speech? What the hell is wrong with MSM that it is now acting totally authoritarian and denying our right to free speech and free thinking? Well…that’s actually a moot question…we do know what’s wrong with MSM. bleah

Just read an article that showcases another problem with MSM…specifically, the tendency to charge ahead on a news story before getting all the facts. Then all the other “real news” sites just parrot the original story, without fact checking. It seems that good ol’ Washington Post ran a story on the “active shooter” at Ohio State University, and it was picked up by ABC, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and a bunch of other MSM sites. All without checking to find out the facts that the “shooter” actually had a knife, not a gun.

It isn’t just as simple as misidentifying the weapon…it was a ploy to get the anti-gun people all riled up too. Why is this bad? Well, I wrote a post here on why I think it would actually be a bad idea to disarm the American public. I believe that the government is now worried about all the soldiers they trained for their stupid little wars. There are a lot of people trained on weapon usage – even advanced weapon usage – in the US, and this is why the government is trying to take away their guns and are treating their veterans so badly. So now we have a hastily put together story that promotes their anti-gun policy by misidentifying an attacker as a shooter long enough for the anti-gun fanatics to start a dialogue against guns. WTH? MSM is getting very sloppy and shoddy in their reporting…they are literally shooting themselves in the foot! Their credibility is stretched to the breaking point, and they have already lost a lot of relevance. People just don’t automatically go to these MSM sites for their news any longer. It will be good when they are gone.

Meanwhile, we have alternative news sites who actually manage to maintain their sense of humor despite the attacks. I’m loving this post by the Activist Post entitled “Activist Post Admits to Being Russian Propaganda“. It’s a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek satirical piece that exposes themselves as being in league with Putin and the Russians, complete with a picture of a bare-chested Putin with a horse. The comments are hysterical too…I’m glad that they can find the irony and humor in this stupid “war on fake news”.