Just saw an article on The Weather Network, which is probably a corporate run news site, or at least gets their intel from MSM, which discussed this giant rift that has developed in Antarctica. The last one, back in 2015, wound up causing a giant iceberg to form and break off from the main glacier.

Back in July and August of 2015, a massive section of West Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier, roughly 660 square kilometres in size, broke off and floated out to sea.

What is interesting is that they noted that the rift back in 2015, happened at the edges of the glacier, which is to be expected. This new rift is in the middle of the glacier though. According to NASA’s Operation IceBridge, this one is caused by warmer water under the glacier, filling in a valley under the ice.

this event was unusual, in how the rift formed.

“Rifts usually form at the margins of an ice shelf, where the ice is thin and subject to shearing that rips it apart,” study lead Ian Howat, associate professor of earth sciences at Ohio State, said in a news release. “However, this latest event in the Pine Island Glacier was due to a rift that originated from the center of the ice shelf and propagated out to the margins. This implies that something weakened the center of the ice shelf, with the most likely explanation being a crevasse melted out at the bedrock level by a warming ocean.”

Hmmm…I haven’t read anything from alternative media about this yet, but this raised flags for me. I do know that the Cabal has retreated under the ice in the Antarctic to not only hide from the upcoming persecutions, but also to ride out the upcoming Ascension event. How much do you want to bet that the “something that weakened the center of the ice shelf”, was their settlement under the ice?

We do know from Corey Goode’s intel that there is a vast settlement under the ice…keeping it warm would no doubt cause problems topside. I hope (am sure they are) that the Alliance will use this flag to discover the whereabouts of the Cabal in the Antarctic. I wonder when, or if, we will ever hear about this rift leading to the discovery of the Cabal’s secret hideout?

I just wanted to put this out there, and comment on it so I could look into it further.