I came across this site yesterday, and they had some interesting intel on the whole NESARA/GESARA situation. However, according to this site, GESARA has already been implemented. Say what? They claim that as of November 21, 2016, the following points were in place (they are numbered):

4. The initial “go order” went out at 3:00 pm EST Sun Nov. 20 2016, then stopped 8 hours later, right before we felt our tier of packets was to disburse.

5. The process started again in earnest at the T4 level at 11pm EST last night Nov. 20 2016, then stopped dead in its tracks.

6. The courier process was cranked back up today Nov. 21 2016 at 9am EST, but we have heard little as to where we are in the process tonight.

7. Massive tranches are flooding our US central banks and central banks worldwide.

8. The New Powers That Be must want to maximize the release date and the best time, IMHO, to hydrate the world is right before Thanksgiving, as the United States is the leading consumer of all global retail goods hands down, and Black Friday is by far our biggest retail shopping day of the year, which also now includes Cyber Monday.

Ummm…it is now December 1st and I don’t recall any resetting of the financial system happening around Thanksgiving!

Wait…I found another post by them, where they assert:

Nov. 29 2016 9 pm EST Bruce’s Call: 712-770-4014

1. We are coming down to the wire. It is the goal of the Elders to do the GCR/RV by or before Thurs. Dec. 1 2016.

2. HSBC is the lead bank (instead of Wells Fargo) as of last Sun. Nov. 27 2016. There is a tight relationship between HSBC and Wells Fargo to make the transition.

Then later on, they post this:

1. Below are excerpts from a Mon. Nov. 28 am phone conversation with a senior executive close to the new roll out process for HSBC.

2. The “RV is anticipated to be revealed sometime tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 29 2016) in North America, not sure when.”

3. “We are behind due to unforeseen circumstances that have since been corrected by non bank security personnel. It’s a non HSBC matter we are told.”

4. “Once we are ready to go, there will be a public government new currency announcement which not so subtly signals the RV has begun. This is also our alert to be ready for redemptions.”

Well, their intel goes until November 30th, still saying that the reset will happen today, December 1st. Then their intel goes quiet, and reading their personal messages for today, they announce they are closing the site down effective on the 4th. Hmmmm…WTH???

This site claimed that they were channeling Adama of Agartha, and I have read before that this Adama character is a member of the False Light. Man, were they feeding this Hollow Earth site false information! I have heard nothing anywhere else about the NESARA being enacted yet, so I think this was meant to be an exercise in discernment for me. sigh.

The picture above too, is incorrect as far as I understand Corey Goode’s information on the Inner Earth people he is in contact with. So much disinformation out there…but my intuition tells me that the picture is wrong and the earth is not hollow like this. I believe there are large internal caverns and pockets of civilizations underground, but not a whole other landmass like this. Hollow Earth indeed. I should have known better. This is indeed “fake news”. bleah