Well, you know the MSM is getting desperate, and falling back on their old ploy of dissimulation using celebrities and style as mindless fodder to keep us asleep. Now what have they done…attacked Trump’s style yet again! Like his style is in any way a statement of who he is and what he will do. It seems there is now a furor going on in Twitterland that is castigating Trump’s personal style regarding his ties. Yup…important stuff here. He uses scotch tape on his ties. Which are too long to begin with. Jesus Christ…what kind of president commits such a faux pas????

As this article on Yahoo Style asserts:

As with most things Trump, TapeGate is a Rorschach test. This Tweet by New York Magazine is almost certainly tongue-in-cheek, but we wouldn’t be surprised if certain Trump supporters take his bootleg approach to tie control as yet another sign of his rule-flouting, anti-establishment, salt-of-the-earthiness. Scotch taping your tie — it’s the new draining the swamp.

Even the title of the article is laughable: “Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Trump’s Latest Style Mistake”, with the short URL being: “is-there-a-hidden-strategy-behind-trumps-style-mistakes”. Seriously people…this is newsworthy? Enough to discuss as a full page article? Omigod…and the MSM sites that are weighing in on this is amazing…GQ Magazine, New York Magazine, Business Insider…

Overall, though, it’s Trump’s habit of wearing those too-long ties that has drawn the most ire. The rule of thumb is that a man’s tie should just graze the top of his belt buckle — a rule Trump regularly violates. Business Insider called Trump’s ties “one of the most offensive mistakes” possible in men’s style.

Oh yeah, because your tie says everything about who you are. sigh. My question is though…why in the world is Business Insider even mentioning Trump’s ties???? Like there aren’t a million other “real” issues to discuss? Especially in a business publication? Why are they dissimulating like this? Hmmm….

The Yahoo article does go on to make some interesting points though, and they may just be more astute than I think. Or…Trump wants it out there and his people have “leaked” this to the MSM. I personally think Donald Trump is far more astute than the average redneck the media keeps trying to portray him as. I seriously doubt he makes “wardrobe mistakes”. Yes, he is a billionaire and no doubt has stylists…plus a model wife. I do think that they are correct in this assessment of his clothing choices:

David Yi, editor of the men’s beauty and grooming site Very Good Light. “Everything is planned out methodically, [from] lapel size to tie color. So when it comes to Trump’s suits, of course the ill fit and copious jacket sizes are intentional. He wants to look larger than life.” 

Another interesting theory has it that Trump’s, shall we say, “nontraditional” proportions are an attempt to distract from his body size. (As we know from his appearance on Dr. Oz,Trump’s BMI of 29.5 puts him firmly in the “overweight” category, and just shy of “obese.”) David Yi points out that Trump frequently wears slimming black, and that his oversize suits “make his shoulders look brawnier while hiding his overweight body.”

Yeah, that does make sense. I am sure he is trying to disguise his portly figure, although he must also realize that it doesn’t work, just as this suggests:

But if Trump’s style mistakes are an attempt to fool the eye, not everyone agrees that it’s working. “Trump’s large, boxy suits and oversize ties aren’t flattering to his body type and actually make him look larger,” says men’s style expert Matthew Simko. But Simko also believes there’s a method to his style madness:

“To Trump’s pool of voters, a slick-looking guy in a crisp, well-tailored suit would actually be a turnoff,” Simko says. “Trump supporters don’t want the man in charge to be crisp or cosmopolitan.”

Indeed, Trump’s style stands in stark contrast to President Obama, who is probably the best-dressed man to hold the executive office since John Kennedy.

And here is the crux IMO…he’s trying to distance himself from the Establishment.

Trump’s style may be the product of strategic rule-flouting. Every time a menswear bible like GQ blasts Trump’s style, it can only help solidify his role as outsider and further endear him to his “regular-guy” base who could care less about good taste, in fashion or otherwise. Trump supporters “want a guy that looks like them, and despite Trump being a billionaire, that’s exactly what they got,” Simko says.

I do believe this is what his plan really is…he’s loud and brash and wears whatever the hell he wants…damn the Establishment who requires impeccable style and subtle, lying-through-your-teeth rhetoric. He is really trying to prove how much he isn’t a part of the old corrupt government establishment…which may mean he really is his own man, and not a puppet of the Illuminati. I certainly hope so, for America’s sake.

Why am I even giving any consideration to this topic? Because I did find some kernels of truth in it, and I do wonder if Trump’s people aren’t behind it to be honest. But it still blows my mind that MSM is even making such a ruckus about something this stupid. Twitter has blown it up into a “TapeGate”? Seriously people…do not be lulled into this kind of stupidity that takes the focus away from the real issues. Because this taping his tie is not even an issue! I did have a good laugh about it, and seriously hope that most people can see the farcical nature of this article. Just had to get that out there though…I saw a couple of other real issues that I will discuss in other posts shortly.

Oh…and I want to point out, I’ve already checked alternative media, and none of them have pounced on this fashion faux pas.