WTH?!?!? I just read something very disturbing on The Weather Network News…not just that there are over 80 thousand dead reindeer, but that the MSM (which includes The Weather Network), is perpetuating the whole Global Warming agenda in this fake news story. What I mean is, it is not global warming that is killing off these poor animals…it is much more sinister than that! I’m not sure why the reindeer are being targeted (see this other post on the 300 reindeer that were killed by a “freak lightning strike”), but this is raising major red flags for me. I am reminded of something I read somewhere that the Cabal intends to destroy the world if they can’t have it. But why reindeer?

The MSM arrogantly announces “Here’s why 80,000 Arctic reindeer starved to death” and blames global warming:

The latest: Scientists studying reindeer herds in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic say changes in weather patterns in November accounted for at least 81,000 reindeer deaths in the region — 20,000 in 2006 and 61,000 in 2013.

Okay…I call fake news here. Ummm…these were 2 separate incidents, several years apart. Isn’t global warming a consistent effect? Wouldn’t these reindeer be dying off each year due to the warmer weather? According to the “scientists”,

The researchers blame what they call autumn/winter rain-on-snow events, which are becoming more frequent in the Arctic. Essentially, lingering warmth late in the year helped fuel heavy rain or freezing rain, which coated the landscape with thick ice, keeping reindeer from reaching the lichen and other plants that make up the species’ food supply.

“Reindeer are used to sporadic ice cover, and adult males can normally smash through ice around 2 centimetres thick,” lead researcher Bruce Forbes of Finland’s University of Lapland told the New Scientist. “But in 2006 and 2013, the ice was several tens of centimetres thick.”

Hmmm…let’s dissect this statement…isn’t the Arctic covered in perpetual snow and ice??? I am certain that reindeer know how to forage through ice. Surely there is plenty of ice in the Arctic that is “several tens of centimeters thick”. I dunno, but this sounds like a fishy reason for them to starve. I think it’s more likely that something is diminishing the food source itself. Wonder if Monsanto has gotten its greedy fingers that far north? Do they have chemtrails there too? Just saying…

So I decided to check out their source, a site called New Scientist. Here is their article, which goes into much more detail than The Weather Network’s article does. My first impression of this article is that it was a lot less sensational than TWN’s, and the science is explained better, without extrapolation. What the TWN’s article doesn’t touch on, are other salient facts that are even more sinister IMO.

A repeat of such conditions this year could mean a double blow for reindeer and herders on the peninsula, because a huge cull of 250,00 reindeer is planned this Christmas to deal with claimed overgrazing issues and stamp out an anthrax outbreak in the animals.

At least one child died and 90 people were hospitalised in August after an anthrax outbreak blamed on the thawing of an anthrax-infected reindeer corpse.

This spread anthrax to other reindeer and, ultimately, to herders and their families, leading the Russian authorities to order emergency culling and vaccination of reindeer in the region.

Ah geez…here comes the damn infectious disease scenario…can we say biological warfare??? The poor reindeer…how awful to blame the problem on these animals! Where the hell did the anthrax that infected that “reindeer corpse” come from???? This story keeps getting more sinister. I know the Cabal are hiding out in the Antarctic…are there more hiding out in the Arctic? Someone is creating a situation here, designed to not just decimate an animal species, but probably the humans too.

“This study serves to underline the fragility of Arctic ecosystems, and how sensitive Earth’s climate can be to changes in ice cover,” says Ed Blockley, lead scientist of the Polar Climate Group at the UK Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter.

Yeah…our ecosystems in even formerly pristine places like the arctic are under attack…poor Mother Gaia! We need Full Disclosure and Ascension to happen sooner rather than later! I will be including the reindeer in my prayers for peace from now on.