Hooray! The Army has halted the Dakota Access Pipeline construction, ensuring that the pipeline is not built under Lake Oahe and through the Standing Rock Sioux nation. According to Huffington Post:

The Department of the Army has denied the final easement required for the $3.8 billion project to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, it announced Sunday. Instead, it will conduct an Environmental Impact Statement to examine the impacts and explore alternative routes, it said.

Wow…this is wonderful news! I have been praying for quite a while that this happens, and I’m glad it finally has. I think Obama is trying to do as much good as he can before he leaves office. Of course, not everyone agrees.

Within hours of the announcement, Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, a trade association for America’s oil and natural gas industry, called on Trump to “reject the Obama administration’s shameful actions to deny this vital energy project, restore the rule of law in the regulatory process, and make this project’s approval a top priority as he takes office in January.”

In a joint statement release late Sunday, project developers Energy Transfer Partners LP and Sunoco Logistics Partners LP said the pipeline has “done nothing but play by the rules” for more than three years, and that the action by the Obama administration is “purely political.”

Pfftt…I seriously doubt the American Petroleum Institute has been playing by the rules. For instance, we do not need to be dependent on ecologically disastrous forms of energy like oil, and we should be spending the money on alternative energy sources that harm no one. What kind of propaganda have they been serving up to the government agencies insisting that this is something good to institute??? I sincerely hope that Trump does not overturn this…but somehow, I don’t think he will. I also sincerely doubt that the environmental impact studies will show that the pipeline is a good thing.

I’m seeing this as a real positive for the Alliance and the positive military. I guess the threat of thousands of army veterans joining the crusade was sufficient to get things done. Or rather, stopped. I just want to say that I am thrilled that this stupid pipeline was stopped, and that the whole fiasco with the harassment and abuse of the indigenous people who were fighting, peacefully, to stop this, has finally ended. Thank you God/Goddess! Bless all the people who fought this, and I pray that the fighting has ended. Although I do know better. sigh. I know that the damn project developers have already asserted that they will

remain “fully committed” to completing the pipeline, without rerouting around Lake Oahe. “Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way,” they said. 

Please let them go away. sigh. Unfortunately, there is another standoff brewing here in Canada…our PM has approved pipelines going through First Nations lands recently, and there will have to be measures taken to stop them from happening too. bleah

Despite widespread resistance, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved two pipelines last week that, if built, would add about one million barrels per day of new capacity to Canada’s existing network of crude oil pipelines. The Trans Mountain expansion project, proposed by the Texas-based Kinder Morgan, and the Line 3 expansion proposed by Enbridge, were the two projects to get the green light.

According to this site:

But Sunday’s dramatic announcement south of the border could indicate that these Canadian pipelines might struggle in the path towards construction. They too, face fierce opposition from First Nations, environmentalists and local communities. Scientists have also questioned whether there is enough evidence supporting Trudeau’s claim that national climate targets can be balanced with the greenhouse gas emissions created by pipelines, and that both pipeline projects can be operated safely.

I’m appalled that my PM approved this, and I sincerely hope that it will be discouraged and reversed. I am worried though, for Canada has received a failing grade on environmental issues, and we are way behind other 1st world nations in prioritizing environmental and ecological measures. I know that in my little town, recycling isn’t mandatory. Why aren’t there laws in place everywhere that recycling is a non-negotiable requirement in all communities??? My new apartment building has no bins for recycling, and no one else but me recycles here. bleah. I did look into how I could get recycling set up, but the manager doesn’t want the bother of maintaining it. Without the law, what am I to do? This town is so backwards…WTH am I doing here??? sigh And no, I don’t feel like fighting the apathetic bureaucracy here…I am feeling apathetic too. Hmmm…maybe there’s something in the air or water here…bleah

In any case…this is great news!!! Kudos to all those brave, determined people who fought so diligently and stood up so peacefully against the violence of the police who tried to stop them. My prayers are still with you. May you all have a wonderful holiday season!