I found this video to be spot on with what is going on right now. He talks about the US election and how the energy brought up a lot of judgemental energy that we all needed to address inside ourselves, and he recorded this just a couple of days after the Standing Rock/DAPL news. He talks about how this is how the next 4 years are going to play out…2016 to 2020 are going to be intense years where there is conflict and then there’s light. I love how he advises us not to give into the fear, which is just a projection of past issues that we are being called on to work through and transform. I knew this, but he says it so well. 🙂

He also talks about the lightworkers, and how there’s a dichotomy for us…we don’t want to see the world suffering, and always try to help alleviate it, but there will be moments of incredible light despite the depths of what he calls “ancestral clearing”. Very interesting way of looking at it. It ties in with David Wilcock’s idea of how we are in cycles of history that have been repeating for millennia, and which is Divinely ordained and orchestrated. David’s book “The Synchronicity Key” goes into this idea and meshes totally with what Lee is saying about ancestral clearing.

Lee also says the themes for December are to go slow and try to organize and re-organize the “small circles” of our lives, for January and February are going to be much more rushed. This really resonated with me…I have actually noticed that this month seems like it’s going really slowly.  I’ve wondered what is going on that everything is seeming so slowed down (for the world has been revved up and just whooshing by for years now!), so instead of worrying about it, I know that it’s an opportunity to get myself organized in my smaller circle (myself and my surroundings and family) because the bigger circle (the world stage and the craziness/horrors/drama) is too much and we need to stay centered in ourselves.

It is a great reminder to step back from the newsfeeds, the MSM fake news, the Facebook posts all buying into the fear and worry. This whole Pizzagate thing makes me feel so ill, and I have been only looking into it in little drabs here and there. I send Love and Light to the entire situation, but I know I can’t immerse myself into the sick horror of it. I do believe it will be the beginning of the downfall of the Illuminati, but making myself sick with it won’t help any. All I can do is send Love and Light into the situation to help it resolve faster. At one time I would have obsessed over it (lightworker here trying to ease the suffering on an empath level! LOL) and spiralled into depression and anxiety. So far, I have maintained an equilibrium about it that not only amazes me, but is so much more healthy a response.