Wow…guess the Pope is now declaring that we are at the End times. What does this Illuminati puppet know? I am taking this speech of his, as outlined here on and also on The Event Is Coming Soon sites, as proof that Disclosure is coming real soon. I suspect it won’t happen until 2017, after Trump gets in. Why?

I have to  concur with others who believe that the whole Pizzagate thing won’t break open while Obama is in power, since he will have the power to pardon any high level politician involved. Trump won’t pardon them. I think the Pizzagate arrests will be what brings on Full Disclosure, and that is why the MSM is so adamant at shutting down alternative news sites. I can’t believe the EU thinks they can censor our news, which makes me suspect them as Illuminati. Makes the defeat of the Italian president even more relevant. Strange how this mandate from the EU is coming right after their puppet in Italy is resigning over a referendum that he was defeated in. The Cabal is running scared and trying to stop the flow of information that will take them down.

Yet it’s interesting that the main bastion of the Illuminati, the Vatican, has just released this statement about the End Times. Is this a fear-mongering ploy? I know the pope’s talking about Ascension, and I suspect all awakened people know this too. So who is he speaking to? Is he trying to scare the unawakened? To what end?

Pope Francis said that it became clear to him that the apocalypse was imminent…

What seems really relevant as far as I am concerned, is his statement that

in the last days, “the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

Hmmm…a solar event. David Wilcock has documented hundreds of ancient texts and civilizations that all believe that we are now in the time of great change and a transformative event that will change everything on the planet. It is usually referenced as a solar event, or a solar flash. Technically, it’s called ekpyrosis, which I have discussed before here and here.

So, the pope has officially endorsed that Ascension is upon us, and that a solar event is imminent. Hmmm…