Well, it seems that the alternative media is not going to go away quietly…they are rightly upset that their Second Amendment rights are trying to be taken away. Yes…what has happened to the whole “freedom of speech” right we all have? The Illuminati/Cabal are trying to squash the whole scenario that is quickly undermining their MSM and the stories that they are trying to push to keep us all asleep with false narratives. But the alternative news sites are fighting back.

I know Activist Post and David Seaman have posted that they are ready, with their legal teams, to fight against the Establishment that would silence them. I see that Washington Post has issued a retraction of sorts (which Activist Post was demanding) with their little Editor’s Note at the top of the damning post that listed the 200 “Fake News” sites put out by Prop or Not. I guess Prop or Not has had to remove some sites from their list. Hmmm…and Washington Post is distancing themselves from the site by stating

The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so.

I call bullshit on this statement, but it still is significant that they made this retraction. I just hope and pray that all the alternative news sites are not silenced, and that this doesn’t get ugly and bloody. sigh.

It gets interesting now that Natural News.com, one of the sites named by Prop or Not, has put out a bounty for the names of the Prop or Not group, who have maintained anonymity to protect themselves from backlash. Yeah. LOL From their own site, which I won’t even link to because it’s fake news, and I can say this with impunity based on my own research here:

We stand on the shoulders of giants. They are too numerous to list here, and many of them wish to remain anonymous for security and professional reasons.

According to this post though, Natural News is legally going after the group for defamation…go Natural News! This is what needs to happen…anger leading to decisive action to stop the bullying!

Despite the Washington Post’s admission that their original story relied on an obviously fake news source, the $10,000 reward is still being offered and Natural News intends to publicly name the PropOrNot organizers, then sue them for defamation. We further intend to name the Washington Post and Craig Timberg as co-defendants in that lawsuit.

I have noticed that the alternative media have gotten angry, but with only a little name calling….nothing like what the MSM is doing! And even more to the alt media credit, they are merely highlighting the nonsense the MSM is trying to pull off as “real news”. I can’t believe that MSM has even copyrighted the RealNews™ logo! WTH? Since when can you patent the truth??? This is getting more  and more bizarre! It is fascinating to watch the Cabal’s hold disintegrate like this. Their credibility and relevance is slipping away and being exposed so clearly that they are slitting their own throats. I predict Disclosure is not far off now. Watching this all pan out is a fascinating endeavor when you know what really is going on. I feel sorry for those who are not awake and are still believing the MSM and still under the Cabal’s mind control narratives…this must be so confusing and even scary.

Although…I wonder how many people still watch the MSM news stations? I’ve heard from some sources that it’s only 15% of the population. Of course, this is from alternative media sources, but…I had an interesting conversation with the young guy who came to install my cable service back in November. He had asked if I needed help getting my TV hooked up, and I told him I didn’t get TV service…that I don’t even watch TV anymore. He said that it was actually quite common, and that most young people don’t even bother with TV any more. If you want to watch movies, there’s always Netflix and the Android box, and there’s nothing else worthwhile watching on TV, so why bother? He said that most millennials don’t even own a TV set. I only have an old one so I can watch DVDs whenever my computer acts up, which it does periodically – which in my conspiracy theory heart I know is because I haven’t upgraded from XP yet, and won’t! I’ve discovered that the Update Service will crash my computer, and what possible updates should I be downloading if M$ has stopped updating XP? I think it’s downloading some kind of algorithm to fuck up XP so I will be forced to switch. bleah. My Microsoft rant for the day. LOL

Anyway…my point is that people aren’t watching TV much any more, and that the cable companies are losing money on their TV packages, so they have increased their basic telephony services. I can’t believe how much I pay for basic telephone service…no additional services at all. bleah I know I’m not the only one who isn’t watching TV any longer…my sister didn’t bother with it when she moved in September…she got the Android box. I know my parents still do…the rest home only has basic TV. I think my sister may have gotten my mother an Android box though. But she still seems to believe Fox News. sigh I sometimes really wonder if I’m her biological daughter. I mean come on…Fox News has openly declared that there is no law that requires them to report the truth. They admitted it! WTH?!?!? Intelligent people don’t go to Fox News for their news. They shot themselves in the foot there! Looks good on them! Like I said…MSM is going down in flames! It will be interesting to see what the media footprint will look like when the dust settles. I can FEEL that Disclosure is close!

Actually, David Wilcock said it best…his own Gaia TV program is listed as fake news, and he just laughed about it…and thanked them for giving us such a comprehensive list of sites of real news to explore. I must admit, some I hadn’t heard of before and now am watching. Yeah…this was not well-thought out, and definitely the Cabal are panicking and trying to do damage control however they can. And the old methods of control just don’t work any longer.