I have been reading about this for a while now, and figured I’d mention it in a post since I just watched this great InfoWars video, with information from a very well-spoken and well-informed researcher that debunks the climate change claims.

They interviewed Timothy Ball, PhD. at the “Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie” conference in Phoenix, AZ, and next week Ball will be meeting with Myron Ebell, who is heading Trump’s EPA Transition. It looks like Trump is going to be pulling the plug on the climate change agenda. And as the video points out, it’s not that he’s going to be doing away with the EPA and all of the regulations…he’s just going to stop the useless ones. Like the ones about ethanol and CO2 emissions. Timothy Ball

conveys that the meeting will center around defunding green energy subsidies and redirecting the EPA’s focus away from so-called “man-made” climate change to more immediate and verifiable environmental concerns such as water contamination.

What an eye-opening video this was! As Dr. Ball points out: it isn’t so much fake news as it is fake science. Yup, it’s all unraveling now.

I also found an article here that goes into much greater detail about Timothy Ball’s challenge to MSM stories about climate change. It’s very informative and makes a lot of sense…my intuition is telling me that this is correct information. I have known for a while now that most of the crazy weather is the result of the poles shifting, and not because of any man-made climate change. Although there is a caveat here…yes, there is geoengineering of the weather now because of HAARP technology. But that is never discussed as part of the global warming scenario. Of course not. sigh

But the MSM narrative of global warming is a hysterical re-telling of natural events, and this Timothy Ball is challenging that narrative. Please read the article “Dr. Tim Ball: How the World was Deceived about Global Warming and Climate Change“. It’s quite comprehensive and I’m not about to go into it all here. Just suffice it to say that

Weather and climate events seem to occur everyday, but it is because they became a media story. They always occurred. Now the story appears and is amplified by the sensationalism of the media with their “Extreme Weather Reports.”

Yeah, I noticed these extreme weather reports a couple of years ago…how even just a couple of inches of snow was blown out of proportion as some sort of horrible Snowmageddon. Increasingly, it seems schools are closed because of threats of terrible snowfall amounts that never seem to materialize. Yeah, Snowmageddon happened; it was, according to Wikipedia:

The February 5–6, 2010 North American blizzard, commonly referred to as Snowmageddon,[1]was a Category 3 (“major”) nor’easter and severe weather event.

Wow…they got a whopping 20 to 35 inches of snow…less than 3 feet! Wow…I’m underwhelmed here. Yes, I live in Canada, and we often get way more than that: 20 to 30 inches is par for the course. Nothing shuts down because of that little bit. Now, I still remember the New Year’s Day storm of 1999 that dumped 5 feet of snow on Windsor, Ontario, Canada. That’s 60 inches, all in the course of a couple of days. It paralyzed the city, mostly because we had nowhere to put all that snow when we tried to clear it off the streets. Too many years of mild winters and the build up of the outlaying areas left us with nowhere to put all the damn snow. I remember going out to get to the bus stop and not being able to see over the snow piled at the sidewalk edges. I remember trying to shovel said snow and not being able to get over the top of the snow pile (I’m only 5ft2in, so it was way over my head!). No one called it anything like Snowmageddon…and that was a bad snow storm! Less than 3 ft is not a bad snowstorm. Hyperbole has become the name of the weather game any more. 😦


As the article points out:

The entire objective of those pursuing the political agenda was to create the illusion that current weather is abnormal and therefore unnatural. They wanted to show that all this occurred in the last 100 years as a result of human industrial activity.

But why? Who is profiting here? I think it’s just a small part of a larger conspiracy…to make fake science seem like fact. Then you can also start throwing in things like nano-technology and people will just believe the mainstream scientists when they say it’s nothing to worry about. It’s all part of the false narrative we are being lied to about.