I have been very focused lately on “real world” stuff…like the Donald Trump election, Pizzagate, and the war on “fake news”. I actually made the realization a couple of days ago that I am posting mostly to my Government Rants category than anything else. Although I can see that all of this is really ascension stuff, and the stripping away of the Illuminati’s control.

I read this post “Ascension Symptoms Update: 12/11/16” by the Love in Action Now blog that I follow, and it reminded me of the bigger picture here, and how it relates to Ascension. Which really is the pertinent energy that is at work in the world today. What the author pointed out really resonated with me…that we have done what she did on a much grander, global scale.

 I was drying my hair, reading and chanting a mantra I say now and then – although today I said it with full intention and meaning.  “I accept and integrate all of the healing and clearing that has been sent to me.  So be it and thank you!”  I said that a few times very enthusiastically then felt a burst of energy go through me which sent me into a state of bliss and a rush of energy only to then suddenly experience major dizziness

What she did was assert an affirmation for herself to “accept and integrate all healing and clearing”. Yes, this is a wonderful kind of affirmation, but she came to realize that she got exactly what she asked for! And made this realization after a rough day of physical and emotional purging:

I read today – and have intuitively felt as well – that if we were to absorb all of the incoming energies at maximum capacity, it would be too much for our physical bodies to absorb.

This definitely made me stop short and think about what is going on in the world right now. Not just personally, but on a global scale. The entire planet is going through these Ascension energies, and look at the purging going on! I know I have been meditating with the goal of causing Ascension to happen sooner rather than later. I know there are others out there doing the same thing…Cobra’s The Portal has weekly meditations just for this purpose, and David Wilcock is endorsing the same idea…Full Disclosure, not partial. I have been affirming for Full Disclosure, and that the Sphere Beings get out of the way of the ascension energies coming from the sun. I have asserted before that I think it just needs to happen, regardless the cost. I believe that David’s theory of spontaneous evolution will play out if we got hit with the Solar Flash right now. Of course it’s hard…but this is reminding me of taking off a bandage. I prefer the ripping it off tactic to the slow and painful method personally.

But the author does make a valid point:

I also read where other dimensionals and galactics are helping to absorb some of this energy so that it has the least negative impact on our bodies.  I get that now.  I got that today.  I asked for a full bucket of energy – I got it – I loved the experience for a moment – that is until my body said “whoa there circuit board overload” and I about lost consciousness for a moment.

Ongoing note to self:  Must respect body.  And use discernment when stating intentions for oneself.

Hmmm…there’s that discernment thing again. I’ve been struggling with discernment issues for a while now. I do think it’s a valid point to be more discerning when doing an affirmation though, and realize that the energies are really strong right now, and whether we are really ready for the changes that will ensue. I think we are ready…I think we’re past ready to be honest. I think we need to suck up the hard stuff and just transmute the pain…it will get better when it is done.

I can see this on a global scale too…Pizzagate is so ugly and horrifying, but it needs to come to light to be healed and stopped. The MSM needs to be stopped too…and we just have to keep working through the horribleness of them trying to quell our freedom of speech to heal this problem of mind control and Illuminati enslavement. It needs to end NOW, despite the suffering and problems that it causes in the interim. We are all going through birthing pangs, and that is what these ascension symptoms really are. The personal ones as well as the global ones. Gaia is ascending, and taking everything on her with her! Of course there is bad stuff coming up…but know that it is for the greater good.

It really helps to keep the proper perspective when going through the news these days. I can see how my affirmations for Ascension now is causing me to be inundated with all this information on how it is happening in real time. I do feel rather overwhelmed by all the “stuff” going on in the world, and trying to stay abreast of the real news is resulting in information overload. I now realize this is what I asked for though, and I am finding that I am feeling excited by the things that I see happening. They are affirmations that Ascension is happening now, and that the time of The Event is imminent. I can feel the imminent changes so strongly…and it gives me hope. It was needed. So I will not regret the massive energies overloading my system…they are necessary.

So I guess I am in a different place than the author of the article…I am not willing to stop the massive energy influx because my body is having a hard time coping. I am willing to endure it so that Ascension can happen sooner rather than later.