My last post about the overt signs of the Cabal being defeated is now being tempered with the spiritual aspect of this…the signs that Ascension is indeed in full swing, which is what is ultimately causing the Cabal/Illuminati to be defeated.

I read a very interesting article by Jenny Schiltz, which is an energy update for the New Earth and incoming energies. She spoke about how she was advised to stop grounding into the earth about a year ago, and to send a grounding cord to the Galactic Center instead. She recently was advised (by her guides) to send a grounding cord into the earth’s core again, and she discovered some really interesting new developments.

In 2012 when I began anchoring a cord into the earth, I saw the earth core crystal as a black hematite looking stone. In 2013 through the end of 2014, I watched the crystal go from a black hematite, to a Smokey quartz, then to a quartz, and finally change to a beautiful rose quartz crystal. When I first saw the rose quartz crystal near the end of 2014, I noticed that it pulsed, glowing a warm red off and on. , my guides took me on an adventure to the Galactic Core to see the largest rose quartz crystal I had ever seen. This one also pulsed and I realized that they pulsed at the same time. The guides explained to me that earth was finally back “online”, reconnected with the galaxy. There was such excitement over this event. It was a huge milestone for Gaia to raise her vibration enough to reconnect with the galaxy.

Wow…I think this is indeed good news! I love that I am getting such positive feedback about how Ascension is going these days…it is indeed exciting times we are living in! Yes, I seem to be sensing this elation too…my mood is so much more uplifted and joyous these days. Although I know that the rose quartz imagery is just that, I do think this article shows that there has been a significant change in the planetary consciousness. I have noticed in the last few days that the Schumann Resonance has been in the 8.4 to 8.5 range, which is wonderful!

The article goes on to explain that she also saw a tree on said rose quartz crystal:

I heard my highest aspect say “Send a cord down into the earth”. I was surprised that as I sent my cord down I saw a huge tree growing out of the huge rose quartz crystal.

Now here it is December 2016 and there is a glorious tree growing on top of the rose quartz crystal.

She goes on to explain the significance of this tree:

I then took my consciousness down to the center of the earth where I was met by beings I had worked with before. They were so excited, it was as if this was an unveiling, a showing off of the most beautiful child. That’s when it hit me, this is Gaia’s child. This tree represents the New Earth.

From where my consciousness was in the inner earth, I stared in awe at this majestic young tree and noticed that her leaves had not sprouted. She looked like a tree dormant for the winter. The beings of the inner earth explained that right now 5D is an energetic layer on top of the collapsing 3D and 4D frequencies.

Hmmm…collapsing 3D and 4D frequencies…isn’t that what is happening with the world events??? The tyranny of the Cabal/Illuminati is collapsing, and our 3D world has changed. The ickyons (the negative ETs that are at the top of the Illuminati hierarchy) exist in the lower 4th dimensional sphere…that level is collapsing too. This is all tying into each other…you can explain it in terms of physical Disclosure, or spiritual Ascension. But there are all kinds of signs now that something intense is happening in our world, and everything is about to change! I can feel it…and I know there are plenty of others who feel it too. It’s too massive not to be felt collectively!

Now, the article tries to temper the enthusiasm for this moving into 5D, explaining it thusly:

The 5D frequency is simply a gateway, a landing pad. Once you anchor into this grid it allows you to continue moving upwards in frequency as you work on integrating first all your human lives and then your galactic lives. As you merge back with all of you, bit by bit, you then begin to access your true magnificence. It is not that simply you reach the 5D frequency and all is magically perfect, it is that the 5D frequency is the gateway for where the higher work begins. From this place each person is able to continue forward, remembering who they really are as they make their way back to Source.

I have to agree…everything isn’t going to be all rosy and the end-all of everything. No, it’s a new beginning for humans, who have been oppressed and enslaved and denied their spiritual birthright for 450,000 years or more. We got hijacked, and our consciousness lowered so badly that we have forgotten who we really are. Moving into 5D removes the barriers so that we can become our true sovereign selves, and we can get back on track to perfecting our souls so we can become one with Source again. The true spiritual work will begin once we ascend.

Now, the author of the article gives a timeline, which is always suspect to me. There is no such thing as time, so timelines don’t exist either. So I’m taking this with a grain of salt or two. But still…it shows that the time is coming sooner rather than later.

The beings of the inner earth then explained that in March the tree will begin to sprout, to come into her own. At this time we will begin the process of separating from the original earth…They explained that this separating process will begin in March but would take almost 18 months to complete the separation. During this time we will continue to be blasted with light and body upgrades. We will continue to be tested and shown where we hold dysfunction.

Hmmm…wonder if this separation process will have anything to do with a Solar Event???

She goes on to give some really good advice IMO

Just know that with each moment all is designed to help you adjust and maintain a 5D and beyond frequency so that once the separation is complete you are able to stay in that space.

She also came to a realization that I find resonates for me as well, since I have been struggling with the same sense of futility. She had gone to Sarasota Florida, where the beaches are crystalline, but while there, she got some strange feelings of inadequacy coming in. I love her insight though.

However, 24 hour after being on the beach I had this odd feeling overcome me. It was one of wanting to give up this work, of not being able to help others, of being ineffective. As I was deep in these emotions, which were quite uncomfortable, I also knew that I had to move through them…I had this constant dialog going within that explained to the part of me that was wanting to give up that it is not my job to save anyone. That to think I could save someone is ego. My job is to simply shine a light on a different way. That each soul must do their inner work and save themselves. This finally quieted this sense of failure and hopelessness.

Hmmm…yes, I have been coming to this conclusion for a while now, but this coalesces the thought into something concrete for me. A better way to look at the issue. It is not my job to save anyone…that is ego. I have been feeling like I’m useless, trapped here in this small town of unawakened individuals. This tells me it’s not my job to save them, that this is not part of the Service to Others that the Law of One that David Wilcock espouses. I have been struggling with the idea of Service to Others…I don’t feel like I am doing that. But the author notes:

To me, it shows that the energies were coming in to show us where the savior complex had led us astray and how not to repeat it again. Others informed me that what hit them wasn’t so much the feeling that they had failed before in some fashion but that they are failing in this now. There is a feeling of hopelessness and of deep doubt about this entire process. All the propaganda out there and the fear being pushed is taking its toll in such a deep way that it is even leading to disconnection from your truth. Just breathe and reconnect within to your soul and know that what is being shown and said is the playing out of old energies. There is no stopping the progression we are on.

I am very thankful to my wonderful guardian angel and guides that they have shown me a way to reconnect to my Truth, through going through alternative media sites and looking into the election, Donald Trump, MSM, Pizzagate, even UFOlogy. It is all starting to make so much sense, and I am left feeling more centered and hopeful, rather than discouraged and fearful. The Illuminati are not winning with their mind control tactics any longer, at least for me. But it’s increasingly obvious, not for a lot of people any more!