It seems that Jill Stein’s efforts at a recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan are not going to happen because they were blocked by each state’s judicial system. And the recounts in Wisconsin didn’t show an appreciable difference (albeit giving Trump 131 more votes). According to this Yahoo article:

In Wisconsin, Trump’s margin over Clinton increased by 131 votes to 22,748 from 22,617 following the recount, according to the state elections commission.

“Based on the recount, they (voters) can have confidence that Wisconsin’s election results accurately reflect the will of the people, regardless of whether they are counted by hand or by machine,” Wisconsin Elections Commission chair Mark Thomsen said in a statement.

Guess it’s not surprising that the other 2 states don’t want to bother either. I have to agree with this judge’s opinion:

In a 31-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond in Philadelphia said it “borders on the irrational” to suspect hacking occurred in Pennsylvania. He also emphasized that the deadline to certify the state’s electoral votes is Tuesday, making it impossible to hold a recount in time.

Yes…it borders on the irrational. I’m glad there are still rational people in America, and why am I getting the feeling that the judicial system may have been taken over by the Alliance? I mean, the judges in San Francisco just threw out 66K arrest warrants for homeless people, as noted in yesterday’s post here. Hmmm…looks more and more like the Illuminati are losing their grip on the various governmental agencies. I do know that there are positive elements to the military, CIA and FBI that are colluding with the Resistance and the Alliance…they are obviously making wonderful inroads into dissolving the Illuminati’s hold on us all.

I was also watching this InfoWars video about how a CIA agent admits there is no evidence of election tamping, and they quote an excellent article by Zero Hedge entitled “Media Worried Too Many Americans Will Question Legitimacy of 2016 Election, Blame Trump”, which was written back in August. Wow…the article has certainly borne out the truth of what is happening now. The InfoWars video is an excellent analysis of the article, and I recommend watching it. Sorry, I’m too lazy to go through and try to transcribe the points spoken of in the video. LOL Suffice it to say, it gives all the reasons why the MSM and the CIA are trying to topple the Trump win by claiming voter fraud. And it’s strangely ironic that it was Trump who claimed he wouldn’t accept the election results if he lost! What did he know eh? Yeah, there’s voter fraud going on all right, but this time, it didn’t work. I suspect the Alliance had something to do with that. The false flag event didn’t happen on the day of the election too…someone had something to do with that not happening I’m sure as well. 😉

Oh…and something I’ve wondered about from the beginning…why in the world is it Jill Stein demanding recounts???? She came in fourth in the polls…what makes her think recounts would help her numbers at all? I think she’s an Illuminati puppet too, and she did it to spare the bad publicity that would have (did!) happen if Hillary demanded it. I’ve also heard that she raised 6 million dollars for the recount efforts, and she won’t be giving back the money. Hmmm….