The German central bank, the Deutsche Bank, has been under the gun for a while now, and is rapidly losing not just money but credibility. I did a post on it a while back, noting that it’s third quarter statements were likely to show a deficit and that the German government wasn’t going to bail them out. I hadn’t heard much since, although I do know now that they have been accused of precious metal price fixing, and have had to make monetary reparations. Of course, I can’t find the article now (I did find it after all!), but I remember the payout for the gold price fixing was in the $60 million dollar range.

I did find this video “Wake Up Folks! DB Just Robbed The Precious Metals Markets and Walked Free” that describes the fact that Deutsche Bank stole trillions from us and got away scot-free with just a slap on the hand.

How did they do it? It now seems that Deutsche Bank is turning tattle-tale and outing the other banks that were in collusion with them, in order to avoid prosecution themselves. This Activist Post article, entitled “Deutsche Bank Turns Over Proof Of Metals Price Rigging” lists the other banks involved, which includes banks from many different countries, including Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia. Wow…Bank of Nova Scotia…I’d have thought Bank of Canada if anyone.

This class action lawsuit is the biggest civil litigation pertaining to metals market rigging to ever get past first base. The judge will allow discovery to proceed, based in large part upon the evidence provided by Deutsche Bank…and, because it is a civil matter, the case cannot be derailed by inept or compromised regulators.

However, there is a caveat:

The new evidence might even be too compelling for regulators to keep looking the other way. It is at least possible investors will see actual criminal prosecutions and banks losing their privileges to trade in these markets.

Regardless, this is still a positive sign that the Cabal is increasingly losing ground. That last part about banks losing their privileges to trade in the precious metals market caught my eye too…how will this impact what BRICS is trying to implement with their new monetary system? And how is Deutsche Bank remaining solvent? Especially since they have already dished out over $100 million in settlements? Now another $60 million? I haven’t seen any discussion on this fact yet. If the German government isn’t willing to bail them out, and we know that Angela Merkel is with the Cabal, then that means that the Cabal isn’t helping with this whole mess. If they were behind it, why aren’t they helping DB out? Or are they throwing DB under the bus, and the DB is turning the tables and outing other Illuminati banks?

Whatever is going on, it’s obvious that the financial reset isn’t part of the scenario. I thought for sure that it was going to be a play to institute a Partial Disclosure at least. A red flag perhaps? Or…and I keep coming back to this because there’s an insistent little voice telling me it…are the internal factions in the Cabal turning against each other????