While researching the Saleh vs George W. Bush court case, I came across this weird video. Wow…I’m not sure why my guides led me here, but…whatever. I am constantly amazed by strange synchronicities! LOL

Anyway, the UNICEF Chile group, backed by the Vatican and the Pope no less, put out this strange little video about a green alien boy who was being bullied, and the message is to accept diversity. Huh. WTF??? I first encountered it on DAHBOO777’s video here, but researched it further to see what else came up. This video here shows the entirety of the video, with her commentary too. I think it’s safe to say everyone is doing a WTH? double-take about it!

I have to agree with DAHBOO777 when he asks the question:

Pope Francis is sponsoring UNICEF in its attempt to change the way children are educated. It’s hard to find fault in improving education, but what if it means something more like indoctrination?

I have watched more hysterical type of videos showcasing this video too, but they are full of “aliens are bad guys and the Vatican is trying to get our children to accept them”. I don’t know about that scenario, but it is a strange kind of admission from the Vatican, don’t you think? I already know that the Vatican is the headquarters for the Reptilian Illuminati, and have even read that the miter shaped hats they wear cover their elongated skulls. I dunno about all that, but this strange little video makes me wonder!

the Vatican has positioned itself to be the religious authority if a genuine intelligent ET makes contact.  For this reason, it’s quite intriguing that UNICEF has released a video laying the ground for ET integration into classrooms with human children. – The Supernatural Worldview

I can’t help but be reminded about the latest Executive Order that Obama signed amending the Invasive Species Act. It was amended to include verbiage including the words “alien”. I’ve watched people hyperventilate about what that means too, but now I’m wondering again. Is Obama really trying to protect the US from alien takeover, specifically the Reptilians? Is the Vatican trying to urge us to accept the Reptilians? What does this all mean? Something is being set up here…do we dare to expect Disclosure soon???? I have read that Obama is supposed to be the president to disclose ETIs, so he doesn’t have a lot of time left. I think the Cabal is maybe so divided that the human element is about to expose the alien element. Wouldn’t that make things interesting? Hmmm…

I recently was reading David Wilcock and his discourse on Svali, who was an Illuminati whistleblower. She claims that many members of the Illuminati would jump ship if they could be sure they, or their loved ones, wouldn’t be killed for it. Is there a huge internal coup going on within the Illuminati??? Wouldn’t that just blow the whole thing out of the water?!?!? I hope that the massive gamma ray energy that’s due to hit the Earth on the 26th helps the whole situation! I can FEEL that something big is about to happen…I feel an excitement and hope that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I have been sending love and light to the Illuminati, and hopefully others have too, and maybe the Light is going to rip the entire group apart! Release the poor people trapped in it, and eliminate the evil ones who are perpetuating the whole Matrix!

I think 2017 is going to be an interesting year. It’s a 1 year…a new beginning. This year was a 9 year…an ending. Is it going to go out in a big bang??? I’m excited for the new changes to come!