Well, I just read two different articles on how the energies we are experiencing right now are affecting us, and what it means. One was a channeled message from Yeshua (Jesus), and the other from personal insights from a New Ager. You would think that I would have more of a problem with the channeled message, but surprisingly, it was the other way around! LOL

The one that I found on one of my favorite sites, entitled “December 2016 – Becoming Like A Blank Slate“, had the author of the site feeling really excited about the message. In her editor’s note, she iterated something that I have been feeling lately…that blissful, happy kind of feeling. 🙂

Editor’s note:  Oh, I cannot express how much I both loved this piece and needed to read these words.  I especially loved reading how our Higher Selves are popping in and out of ourselves to get us used to those higher frequencies of bliss and joy.  I HAVE BEEN HAVING THESE EXPERIENCES LATELY and have found them baffling and amazing.  Literally I feel absolute bliss – pure bliss – and an energy that is powerful and fully energizing.   Just yesterday I had such an experience and by last night I shared it with my spouse and said “Are you feeling this too?  I feel AMAZING!  Seriously I feel AMAZING!  I don’t want it to end!”  I was giddy and hyped up and completely at peace with everything.

Huh…so it’s my Higher Self that is coming out and helping me with the information overload I’m experiencing with the whole fake news/election results/Pizzagate thing. Because to be honest, I’m not feeling overwhelmed…more like excited to see things moving quickly towards a resolution for the best. I see Disclosure coming, and the financial reset, and Ascension…they feel so close. Yes, I suppose it is my Higher Self now manning the helm and helping me to realize that it’s closer than I was thinking. And helping me to see that the negative news isn’t so much harbingers of bad things as “birthing pangs”.

I think that is what the author of the piece was getting at with her statement:

December 2016 has been super-challenging for many on the spiritual path. After a long period of cleansing many expected some relief towards the end of the year. But the Universe seems to be merciless and is bringing up struggle after struggle and pain after pain. It seems so cruel: It feels like we keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but we cannot reach it. And the pain has been very intense for many – including restlessness, deep despair, frustration and anger. I have worked so hard, and what do I get? This? There is often a strong yearning to leave and give up.

This was me back in October and even November! I guess I should be extremely thankful that this is NOT how I’ve been feeling at all lately…I am actually doing better than I have in a while now! Thank you God! LOL I feel more centered and clear and even happy about what is going on in the world right now. I think, no I FEEL, that everything is happening just as it should be, and that the world is waking up and real change is going to come of it all. I am excited to see how this will all play out…since I feel certain that it is all leading up to Disclosure and the Event. Ascension too. Although I know that the Event has to happen first…people must be awakened and must understand what has been going on for millenia before we can ascend into the 5th dimension.

This article did have a very pertinent piece of information that I want to emphasize, and not just for me I don’t think…

The energies and dynamics available now are highly transformative. We still have our free will and can choose how we want to handle this offer of the Universe. We can allow it and let go of all limits by choosing love. Or we can stick to our limiting beliefs by choosing fear and continue to try hard. So, every time you catch yourself thinking an “I have to” combined with the idea to reach a goal – go deeper: That is a very good indicator to show you the way to a limiting belief you still carry. Embrace that limiting belief as part of your experience and give it your gratitude when you release it with the emotions coming with it. (bolded emphasis mine)

Now the other relevant piece that ties into this, is the article entitled “We Are Beyond The Tipping Point – Yeshua“, which is the Jesus channeled text. And although I have problems with who Jesus really is, and what exactly the entity that is being channeled is, my Higher Self is telling me to look for the Truth in the words. I did read this article first, and I think it had a lot of information for me that I needed to hear to understand what is going on in my little Lightworker world.

Yeshua wants us to have a greater understanding of the power that we hold as Lightworkers, He wants us to accept that each of us are ‘holding’ energy for so many other people – millions in fact!

When we hold a truly positive thought, action, feeling, belief or vision in our minds “that you are doing so for a very very broad spectrum of people, those who are reluctant, those who are disinterested, those who are recalcitrant and those who are fully on board but don’t know how to proceed.”

I’ve touched on this idea before, from an empath viewpoint, and I have also come to the conclusion that the time to help others and transmute their energies for them, is now past. Everyone has to do their own work now. This brings me to my sister and her daughter – but I don’t want to digress… After last night’s MOTN (middle of the night) meditation though, I now realize that I have to let go and let my sister deal with her sociopathic teenager. As Jesus says…

He is asking us to let go of judgement of others but also let go of judgement of ourselves. Yeshua says that we tend to not realise our true worth.

Yes, I do have a few family members I need to let go of judgements on. Let go and let God deal with it. Not my battle. I do think I have realized this at a higher level, for the judgements are softer these days. But the next part really hit as to why I’ve been feeling so gosh darn tired lately!

He took up the question of people’s tiredness / exhaustion and lack of energy right now. He explained that all of those who are ‘love-holders’ or ‘light-workers’ have agreed at a soul level to ‘up the ante’ (raise the stakes) as to how many other souls we are holding ourselves accountable for. He said that earlier we might have been working for 1000, or 10000, or even a million other souls and that now we have expanded that hugely, – “gone off the scale”, and many will find this hard to fathom but He says that that is why people are exhausted.

We are working for the goal of “let’s get this show on the road” and our bodies are adjusting to this use of our energy.

Yup…I’ve been saying that for a while now…let’s just get this Ascension thing over with! I am ready and willing to accept the additional energy load if it helps make this happen sooner rather than later! It is past time for all this to happen, and I will do whatever is necessary to make it happen now. Perhaps I am no longer so tired because I have accepted this, or am now adjusted to the energy usage. Whatever the reason, I am so pleased to find myself eagerly anticipating the future. And I am totally convinced that it will be a wonderful future!

We are asked to release our concern about our Ascension process. Yeshua points out that we very recently went beyond the Tipping Point, and the Floodgates have opened wide. He explains that we are now “shifting in the blink of an eye to becoming the truth of who we really are, both collectively and individually. Yes there are those on the planet right now who do not want this or choose this and that’s absolutely all right”.

“That does not mean that the Ascension of the collective is not going to occur”.

“The others will ‘return home’, go elsewhere, it matters not.”

Yes!! I FEEL that a tipping point has been reached, and things are moving fast now. I am very pleased by this, although I do understand that many who are unawakened are fearful of what the changes mean. But the world feels strangely lighter, from my perspective. The Standing Rock/DAPL problem has been resolved, there is a new non-Illuminati president coming in, Illuminati presidents are leaving (think Spain and Italy), the central banks that were price fixing precious metals like gold have been exposed, the lies the MSM have been feeding us are being highlighted and exposed, the ugly truth of Pizzagate, which must be exposed to the Light and stopped…there is a lot of good stuff happening! Even the bad stuff like trying to stop the alternative news and Pizzagate serve a higher purpose…and I think it’s all self-evident too! Even the alternative news’ fears I am able to see through and am not alarmed by.

I think amazing things are going to be happening soon…so Bashar was wrong in his timing. Giving time predictions is always iffy at best…he predicted that everything will change in the Fall of 2016. Okay, some important things did change that we still have to see the end result of though, but I know I am excited to see what 2017 brings us!