I was talking with my sister about this psychic friend she has who has given her what I consider questionable information on a subject dear to my sister’s heart. Essentially, I believe the woman is just feeding my sister what she wants to hear. Her predictions that certain things were going to happen by Christmas have failed to materialize. Of course, Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, but there is no change in the situations that would indicate that something is going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

You see, I am psychic too. Well, we all are really, but I could never do the psychic reading thing though…I have never developed it to any large degree, and I have always found that time predictions are unreliable at best, and hugely deceptive at worst. What the gist of the argument was, is that I don’t see those things happening by Christmas. So of course, she asked me when then? I told her the summer, but not necessarily this summer. I just see the summer weather as the time period. Not the answer she wanted. Oh well…

Well, I used my MOTN meditation to focus more on this for my sister, and realized that I am encountering something like a wall for anything past the summer. I cannot see anything definitive happening past the summer for anything. Not personally, not globally. I tried to project out for myself, for my cats, for my neighbors, for my sister’s dogs, for my friend at the drugstore…I’m not seeing anything past this coming summer’s point of time. It’s like there’s a blank screen that’s preventing anything from appearing in my mind’s eye. What does this mean???? To be honest, I’m not sure.

I tried to meditate on that blank wall, and didn’t get any revelations from my angels or guides. I did try to see if it maybe meant an alternate timeline was going to happen then…maybe Ascension???? That is where my mind/intuition took me…that it has something to do with the Ascension process. Because I tried to see what would happen to my sister, my cats, her dogs, my friend after Ascension, and it was still blank. I think that means that it still has to be created…that it is not “set in stone” yet.

To be honest though, all of 2017 is fuzzy for me, which is odd. Usually I get something, even if it’s some time in the future. One year I saw 2 of my sisters pregnant at Christmas at my uncle’s house…it took 5 years for that vision to come true! sigh Of course, they had forgotten all about my prediction by then, and technically only one of them was pregnant at Christmas…the other one had hers in October, but still had a big belly at Christmas. And that is what the vision was…an image of my two sisters with big bellies at Christmas. Yeah…I don’t do predictions. LOL Still, I can usually see something in the future timeframe. So I don’t know what to make of this blank screen/wall that seems to be in the way of me seeing anything in the future.

I guess I will just have to wait and see, like everyone else. 🙂

Addendum: December 28th

Ohmigod…I just read something exciting that just put this into perspective!!! I am finally reading David Wilcock’s Ascension Mysteries book, which I can’t afford to buy, but my mother bought it, and everyone else has been reading it before me! sigh Anyway, it’s kinda slow going, as it is very information dense. But I just read about the Montauk Project and how they had reverse engineered this UFO chair and could use it to look into the future. They discovered that

When they sent people into our future, they would hit a bizarre energetic barrier at a certain point…Anything people saw after this point appeared to be completely subjective…Different people could view the same time and get different results. The moment this energetic “wall” would collide with our solar system was calculated to be sometime in December 2012.

It does appear that this energetic wave is a physical cloud our solar system is moving into. Once we hit the full power of this wave, Daniel’s own sources had concluded the Sun would release an energetic flash that activates a mass spiritual evolution in humanity. They used time-viewing devices we will discuss in a second to go and view this event, but once they got there all they could see was white light. (emphasis mine)

Wow! This is exactly what I find I am encountering! I am all a-tingle here! LOL Seriously though, there is this white “wall” of light I am encountering when I try to look into the latter part of 2017. I believe that this “wall” is the same phenomenon that this whistleblower Daniel was talking about they encountered on the Montauk Project. David went on to explain why it didn’t happen in 2012 though:

Since the time this research was done in 1981-83, the wall has moved into our future. It appears that we were not ready for this to happen as a planet yet, and the event will be held off until a critical mass of people are ready for it.

Huh…could it be we are finally ready for it??? I am very excited at the prospect, and I do suspect that 2017 is going to be a pivotal year. I can FEEL something is very close to happening, and according to Corey Goode and Cobra, they have made significant inroads into disarming the Cabal and freeing the planet. The Cabal are definitely on the run and on their last legs. But I cannot see anything past the summer, only white light, and it feels like I’ve hit a wall of energy or something that I can’t move past. I have been praying most fervently for Ascension to finally happen, so maybe there are enough of us doing this now that we have indeed tipped the scale! Would that not be wonderful???? 😀 ❤

I also want to point out that I fervently believe that Ascension was supposed to have happened around the year 2000, and didn’t, then was supposed to happen in December of 2012. I have mentioned before that I am very dissatisfied that this whole process is taking so damn long…it is not what I signed up for! 😦

I do want to note that I’m not finding a lot of information about that “massive gamma ray burst” that was due to hit us on December 26th either. Could this be what David was referring to when he said

Once we hit the full power of this wave, Daniel’s own sources had concluded the Sun would release an energetic flash that activates a mass spiritual evolution in humanity.

Is the sun about to “sneeze”???? I am soooo ready!