Although I first read about this idea coming to Ontario where I live as a pilot program here in Canada, it didn’t really percolate into my consciousness until this morning’s MOTN meditation. I am wanting to see this as the beginning of the whole NESARA thing. Although…could it be only part of the Partial Disclosure scenario???? I am not pushing for the Partial Disclosure idea…Full Disclosure or nothing. Well…not nothing…only Full Disclosure is acceptable! But in the interim…I could sure use some abundance coming my way!

It seems that our much maligned, and rightly so, premiere Kathleen Wynn, has given the green light to a pilot program which would be tried out in my province of Ontario. Ontario is the most population dense province, so it makes sense to try it here first. Although I guess this isn’t the first time this has been tried…back in 1975 to 1979 it was in place in Manitoba, where it was nicknamed Mincome. As this article by the National Post in Canada stated:

Mincome (was) a 1975 pilot project in Dauphin and Winnipeg. It lasted three years before being killed by politics. Ottawa needed the money for foreign security, while Manitoba became politically uninterested in the program after the provincial government changed from NDP to Conservative.

Now I’m thinking that the National Post is a MSM site, although I don’t know if they are as bad as the American MSM. I guess I like this post because it seems to think that this program would help women and the disabled the most, as the title clearly states: “Ontario report touting basic income likely to target middle-aged women, disabled adults for most help.”

Some experts say basic income can fix existing holes in the system and will most benefit women in their late 40s and early 50s without dependent children, as well as adults with disabilities.

This pleases me inordinately, because as a single white female in my early 50s, I have zero resources available to me. If I had children, was married, was a minority, I’d have additional programs available to me, but just little ol’ me by myself, I have nothing to help me out financially. I live considerably below the poverty level (which I just discovered is $21,810 per person!) at $13,884 last year. My monthly income is social assisted disability at $1175/mo (it was just raised from $1157 to $1175 in November…we get a small COLA increase each year…whoopee! bleah) Man, do I need this basic guaranteed income help!

I could finally get some new clothes, since I lost weight and nothing fits, I need new shoes (all of mine are at least 20 years old now sigh), I need new winter boots (cheap boots don’t last long in our harsh Canadian winters), I could upgrade my computer so it doesn’t always crash on me (I’m sick of blue screens sigh), I could have food in my refrigerator at the end of each month…wow…I’d be rich! LOL Actually, NESARA would be a much bigger help to be honest. sigh

But this program proposed by a retired Canadian Senator Hugh Segal, seen above in my header in front of our parliament buildings. He is spearheading the proposal pro bono:

Details are expected as early as next week, when former senator Hugh Segal, whom Wynne appointed to study the proposal, releases his recommendations. His discussion paper, which he agreed to produce for free, will outline his thoughts on who should be invited to participate, and how the pilot should be administered and evaluated.

Governments around the world from Brazil, to India, to Finland are testing similar programs. Some are going with a universal amount given to everyone; others are tailoring handouts dependent on income.

Well, isn’t it nice that Canada is getting on the progressive bandwagon? I do like to think that we are better than the Americans…no offense to the average American, but your government and corporations suck!! I have never been more happy to be Canadian than I am right now…I feel very sorry for all of my American friends. Enforced vaccinations, Monsanto, riots, violence in the streets, awful laws being passed to force RFID implants…WTF is an American do to protect themselves??? I pray for the US every night. 😦

But I digress…and have to concur with the sentiments of this article in the Toronto Star:

The growing interest in basic income reflects, at least in part, a recognition that the evolution of our welfare state has not kept pace with demographic and economic change and the transformation of our labour market: the impact of technological change on work, the instability of the labour market, and the rise of income inequality, which privileges a few at the expense of the many.

Over the last few decades, Canadian policy makers seem to have viewed the welfare state largely as a “cost,” a threat to balanced budgets and fiscal health. While many countries were testing new social models, our focus was on keeping benefits low, targeting more narrowly, privatizing delivery where possible, and lowering public expectations.

Here’s the challenge: will basic income be a program within the current austerity frame designed to reduce costs and government’s footprint, or does it represent an alternative to that frame, an objective or set of objectives for transforming our welfare state and reinvesting in social justice and greater equality?

Very good questions…very insightful questions. They also go on to ask an even bigger question:

The basic income experiment forces us to ask the right questions: how do we ensure all Canadians have access to the essentials, that all can live in dignity regardless of job status, that all have sufficient income so none need live in poverty?

Thinking of basic income in those terms, less as a single program and more as a set of objectives for all governments, changes the frame, shifts expectations and gives us a chance to address issues that have been ignored for too long, from the inadequacy and inefficiency of social assistance to how best to ensure a living wage.

Hmmm…I can FEEL a financial reset in the wind….