I’m going to call this as a red flag, because there are many things wrong with this scenario. For one thing, the whole videotaped set up looks rigged…wow, that’s a white room, and wow, considering the poor ambassador was shot several times, there’s an amazingly lack of red blood anywhere. Convenient too, that the alleged shooter was killed in another part of the building, away from any cameras or wandering eyes. And they’re saying it’s a former Turkish riot policeman…and they’ve now arrested several suspects as well…his mother, father, sister, four other family members, and fellow riot policeman friend. I dunno…this is all smacking of conspiracy theory to me! I am not believing this narrative.

Another point that doesn’t sit well with me is the fact that an AP (Associated Press) photographer happened to be at an insignificant museum opening in Ankara, Turkey. You can read his account of the events here. For some reason, his story doesn’t ring as truth…it feels contrived to me. First he explains his motivation for continuing to take pictures despite the risk:

This is what I was thinking: “I’m here. Even if I get hit and injured, or killed, I’m a journalist. I have to do my work. I could run away without making any photos. … But I wouldn’t have a proper answer if people later ask me: ‘Why didn’t you take pictures?'”

I dunno…seems contrived to me. He even makes some personal judgements that smack of an agenda to me:

At first, I couldn’t figure out what had motivated the shooter. I thought he might be a Chechen militant. But people later said he was shouting about the Syrian city of Aleppo.

So he was probably angry about Russian bombardments of Aleppo that were aimed at driving out anti-government rebels. Many civilians have been killed in the fighting.

Ummm…the whole Syrian war was an invasion, not a civil war. And it was the US that invaded, not Russia. And isn’t Turkey at war with Syria too? WTH is a Turkish policeman upset about Russia’s involvement in the war in Syria for? So far there’s been no mention that his family is there…they found his parents and sister in Ankara. This “rationale” ascribed by this AP photographer is inaccurate.

The pictures he took are all of the gunman…there is nothing disturbing and graphic about the photos. They don’t even show the poor Ambassador much, and definitely show that there was no blood or gore anywhere in that pristine white room. Where’s the blood splatter? Where’s the pool of blood from the multiple gun shots? Hmmm…fishy if you ask me. And the same article that showed these “graphic and disturbing content”, also hailed him as having “astonishing courage”, which is being lauded by that fake news puppet Twitter. Pffttt…I was encouraged to see that the comments meshed with my own interpretations.

Now, this article clearly shows that Russia and Turkey both believe that the gunman didn’t work alone, and they are determined to find out who was behind the attack. They state:

The senior government official described the killing as “fully professional, not a one-man action” and said the attack was well-planned. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because he was not authorized to release details to the press.

Turkish authorities have not publicly released any information on the investigation or on a possible motive for the policeman.

To be honest, I don’t think they will find a motive, because I think he was paid off to do this. This article by the Activist Post, “Russian Ambassador Assassinated: Retaliation, But By Whom?” raises some interesting points.

Assassination Takes Place Days After US Vowed “Retaliation” Against Russia

US President Barack Obama, US policymakers and pundits, as well as US Senators for the past week have vowed “retaliation” against Russia for alleged “hacking” during the 2016 US presidential election. These threats take place against a wider backdrop of increasingly unhinged outbursts made by Western politicians, pundits, and policymakers amid frustration in advancing their global agenda versus a reemerging Russia and a rising China.

They make a very convincing argument that Obama and the US have made it clear that they will fight back against the illusory “Russian hacking of the US election”, although it was initially going to be a counter cyberwar. But as the article points out:

However, it has been noted by many analysts, including those within the US’ own foreign policy circles, that America’s ability to retaliate with “cyberattacks” against Russia in such a manner would range from futile, to even galvanizing the Russian people further behind the Kremlin.

In all likelihood, an attempted counter “cyberattack” would have ended in further humiliation and isolation for the United States’ ruling circles.

Yeah…I don’t think cyber hacking is actually all that easy. And I am 300% sure that Putin is not personally involved…like the man has nothing better to do with his time, running the world’s largest country’s government. *eye roll* So something else will have to be done to make the Russian’s pay:

The cold-blooded assassination of a Russian ambassador in the heart of Turkey, however, is a very effective “retaliation,” not only for Russia’s role in balancing against the Western media’s influence, effectively undermining the West’s monopoly over global public perception, but also for confounding US geopolitical objectives across the Middle East – particularly in Syria, and particularly in the aftermath of Aleppo’s liberation.

Hmmm…not that I think that Obama directly ordered it, but I’d lay odds that George Soros backed this! It fits in perfectly with his Illuminati plans to do the most damage to all parties involved…it sends a message to Russia about the US might, and it undermines the tentative peace being forged between Russia and Turkey. Although I am relieved to read that both parties are not willing to let it get in the way of their negotiations. Thank God this red flag is not going to do what I think it was set up to do…to cause trouble.

Addendum: Hoo-boy…here it comes! Now I’m reading in this article by Yahoo News that the shooter was with Al-Qaeda, and with this other radical group called FETO (which doesn’t stand for anything that fits well…it’s a Fethullah Gulenist Terrorist Organisation).

Fethullah Gulen is a US-based Muslim cleric who is accused of creating a secret network of followers in the Turkish police, military and judiciary with the ultimate aim of overthrowing the state. Gulen has denied any such network exists but the Turkish government are convinced that Altintas has links to what is known as the ‘Gulenist Terrorist Organisation’ or ‘FETO’.

The article goes on to say that

A senior government official is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: “The people he lived with before school were detained over FETO.

“It was determined that the people with whom he graduated from school were from a FETO team.

“Information was obtained to the effect that people who helped him get into school were from FETO.

“There are very strong signs that the person who carried out this attack was from FETO. The investigation is currently focused totally on this.”

Wow…just wow…I think this is overkill in trying to establish a narrative to fool people. Like you can believe the Daily Mail, another corporate news source. sigh

Addendum January 2, 2017

I just found a very interesting video that debunks this story, done by a reality TV star who obviously understands about shooting angles and stuff. I hadn’t watched the entire video of the incident, so I never noticed that there were camera angles from in back of the shooter, whom we never see.