Although there is a massive gamma ray wave due to hit the earth on December 26th, it seems there are other massive energies bombarding the earth right now too. Since the 19th I believe. I’ve been reading about it here and there all week, but thought I’d finally weigh in on it since the Solstice energy hit me yesterday. That will warrant another post though.

What I want to say about this energy that is being detected at the microwave length is making news in many venues, and I just read an article here that incorporated 2 of the most salient of the videos I’ve seen so far. It also outlined some of the energy symptoms that the author has been experiencing as a result. Yup, I’ve been feeling them too. It’s so nice to get verification that I’m not crazy, hypochondriacal, or ignoring real physical symptoms and attributing them to ascension. LOL

I’ve been getting zapped (static electricity) constantly since December 17th. I’ve also been crying for no reason whatsoever off and on since about then too. Stomach/gut area bloated again and feeling half sick from eating much of anything. My hair has been looking and feeling like it’s lacking vital life-force again.

Yeah…what is with the gut problems???? Geez, I can’t eat anything anymore without feeling ill and having intestinal problems. Even water can make me feel ill, and it just sloshes in my stomach! I drink distilled water with a crystal in it, and say blessings over it, so it’s not the water. And my hair!!!I don’t know WTH is wrong with it, but the curl is gone, it feels limp and greasy, even after just being washed! And I don’t use regular sulphate shampoo…I use a Lush shampoo bar and a good quality, organic conditioner. They’ve been working fine up until now. I bought a humidifier to help with the static electricity, but I don’t think that’s an actual ascension symptom though…more a function of forced heat inside our homes.

There is another symptom that she discussed that resonated with me though…

feeling a strange emotional sensation of ‘Life on earth is ending now!’ type thing that I sense is literally pulsing around the entire earth repeatedly and many, many people are feeling this in varying degrees and not understanding it or why they’re feeling like they are.

Yes…I do feel like something big is about to happen, and it does “feel” like “end times”. She explains it as

That ‘Life on earth is ending now!’ sensation is due to our having reached the end of 2016s 9 energies of completion at the December Solstice period (days before 12-21 and days after it) while we’re sailing through the Zero Zone of no time in between what’s ending and what’s starting to begin (2017 1 energies of NEW beginnings) at a much higher level.

I’m not sure that is what that impending sense of end of times is about though. I agree with the numerology idea of 2017 going to be a new beginning with its 1 energies, but I don’t think that’s what this feeling of things going to end is about IMO.

I think something big is about to happen, and I am hoping it is Full Disclosure. But I do think that the world as we know it is about to “end” ie. change dramatically. What exactly this entails remains to be seen, but there are massive changes going on globally.

Now I have a problem with the main website though, and the “Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5d Spiritual Healing Team”. I don’t trust channelings at the best of times, and this one raises flags for me. So don’t even waste your time on this commentary, and I always suspect anyone who claim to be “a Donation based service for the Planetary Ascension.” Complete with funding information and links to their online store. Yeah, whatever. But the first part of the post was relevant for me. That’s the problem with the False Light…there’s always some truth in it. You have to carefully pick through it though. Definitely an exercise in discernment.