Well, I actually have a lot to say today, despite the fact that I’ve been silent for a couple of days now. There’s a lot of shit coming out right now, and I just want to briefly weigh-in on some of them. I guess I haven’t posted anything about them before because I don’t have a full post worth of analyses to divulge. But here are my thoughts on some of the craziness that is going on right now.

Found an article on a YouTube video that the Bank of Canada (our central bank) made on the potential for economic disaster in Canada. Hmmm…what do they know?

There has been no shortage of warnings about the nation’s housing bubble and Canadians’ record-high levels of debt.

And the Bank of Canada continues to sound the alarm about the potential economic calamity that could occur should a spark strike this kindling.

Yeah, they are trying to burst the housing bubble by raising housing costs…like that is the real problem! See my post here on what the CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) are doing to make it harder to buy a home. And what are the real reasons we have record-high levels of debt????? bleah

MTV just put out a horrible, racist, very disturbing video entitled “2017 New’s Years Resolutions for White Guys”. I guess it has been taken down (and not just once) because it got too many thumbs down. Wow…have I seen a lot of videos just trashing this video! Even black guys defending the poor maligned white guy and calling out on the racism of this piece! And what is with the making fun of Blue Lives Matter??? This really is a very racist, hypocritical video, and I don’t know WTH MTV was thinking putting it out, but it backfired on them dramatically. I think MTV has not only lost it’s credibility, I think it’s lost its relevance.

Yahoo News posted “‘Sleeping’ supervolcano under Europe could be stirring, scientists warn” article, which is something I’ve been reading about for a couple of days now. I seem to remember reading I think Edgar Cayce, who says that a massive volcanic eruption would be the sign that the pole shift final event was happening. I thought it was Vesuvius, but this “supervolcano” is even bigger and more likely to wreak major havoc. So scientists have come to realize that this once dormant volcano is becoming active again.

The Campi Flegrei caldera was formed 39,000 years ago – in the largest eruption in Europe in the past 200,000 years.

It last erupted in 1538.

Since 2005, the volcano has been undergoing what scientists describe as ‘uplift’ – and Italian authorities raised the alert level to yellow in 2012.

I think this is the volcano that Cayce was warning about. Interesting stuff. We are in very interesting times now.

I’ve been finding that one of my favorite sites In5D.com, has been posting some shitty articles lately. Too many posts that smack of disinformation to me, by New Agers who smack of either elitism or are channeling False Light. Case in point: this article entitled “Are You in the Starseed Trap?” The author talks about the False Ascension Trap, and that the 5th and 7th dimensions have been hijacked.

You may already have heard that 5th and 7th densities of consciousness have been hijacked and that a False Ascension Matrix exists at 5D, but did you know that there’s another, stronger false reality matrix at the next level, just waiting to trap the unwary spiritual pilgrim on his or her journey home?

Ummmm…I dunno about this. Reading the post left me feeling like this was fear-mongering at its worst. Let’s scare everybody with the idea that the damn illusory trap we already live in at 3D isn’t sufficient, let’s point out that all dimensions have been co-opted! No, I don’t think so. The Cabal and the damn ickyons who control them are being defeated by Alliances on both Earth and among benevolent ET groups who are here to help us. I don’t know where the author gets this info from, but I haven’t heard about the 5th and 7th dimensions being hijacked, and this is the first I’ve heard about a False Ascension Matrix. Now she’s also trying to say there is another trap set up to hijack starseeds???? No, I do not believe this is true. Of course, the Illuminati are trying to stop the lightworkers and starseeds, and have been for a long while. But there is no “Starseed Trap” out there being foisted on unsuspecting starseeds. I call bullshit on this story.

Then there’s this silliness about Michelle Obama being a man…sigh. And I’ve heard that their children aren’t really theirs…a lot of fake news out there. Wow…just wow.

Then there’s the fact that 2 Russian ambassadors have been killed recently…we just haven’t heard about the other one because it was on Russian soil. Makes you wonder what the real story is with the one that has been so touted by MSM. I still call red flag on that one! And then there’s the Berlin Christmas Market tragedy…again, I think this is a red flag event too. Islam is claiming responsibility for both. I dunno…Merkel is Illuminati, so why hit Germany??? A message to the people, who will probably overthrow her in the next election coming up in January I believe? I wonder what stance Merkel’s going to take on this “act of terrorism”? Hmmm…more “war on terror” shit??? Protect the populace by turning it into a military state to protect against such random violence??? sigh

Wow…things are getting really weird out there. And we just got into our last 3 week Mercury Retrograde cycle of the year on the 19th. bleah