I’m confused by China. I thought they were part of the Alliance backed BRICS coalition. I thought they were going to help lead the global community into a new financial system backed by real resources, like gold and silver. But so much of what is going on in China seems to refute that they are the good guys.

They put out toxic dog food and dog treats, they treat their own people like slaves and have an atrocious misogynist agenda. They have that One China policy whereby other, smaller nations are considered “provinces” of China. Like Taiwan and Malaysia and the Philippines. They’ve built these artificial islands and have built them into military bases, and recently they have captured US ships that have wandered into their waters. Now, I dismissed the capture of the US ships as probably warranted…I figured they were US Establishment ships doing nefarious things in Chinese waters. But now they are claiming to be building up their nuclear armaments to prepare for a war with Trump? And it’s not looking like it’s the MSM that’s reporting this…no, it is other countries’ news reports that are relating this news. And it’s the MSM that is saying America should not build up the US nuclear base so they don’t provoke China. WTF???

This Alex Jones video has made me rethink what I think I know about China. He makes the valid point that it was China that first said they were going to build up their nukes, then Russia, then Trump weighed in recently. I have to agree with Alex that the MSM is misrepresenting Trump’s tweet:

The latest MSM attack on Donald Trump is claiming that he wants to increase our nuclear arsenal and start a war, failing to mention that China and Russia both previously announced plans to increase theirs.

Trump’s real tweet was:

The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. 

Okay, I do think that his tweet was carefully worded, although I still am disheartened by its implications. I don’t think anyone should be building up nuclear armaments…as someone I recently watched said, and I paraphrase here: “everyone knows that nukes cannot be utilized; it is crazy to even think it!” No, building more nukes is not the answer on any front. If you want to show nuclear might, just take the damn ones out of deep storage in those damn underground bunkers! sigh Wonder if Trump knows about them? I hope this is just posturing though, because Trump has been working hard to improve relations with Russia and I can’t believe that they are going to be building more nukes against an American threat. But if they’re in an alliance with China, why would Russia want to build more nukes?

I think perhaps everyone’s worried that something is going to happen and Trump isn’t going to get in, so they are preparing for the worst case scenario in case Hillary cheats and somehow gets in. So maybe China isn’t building up their nuclear armaments because of Trump, but because of the potential threat of America coming unglued. Let’s face it, the Illuminati are acting crazy, and I wouldn’t put it past them to start a war with China and blame it on the US. Well, it would be the American Illuminati (can we say George Soros, the Clinton crime family, the Bush crime family???). Oh ick…they need the money so bad they are fomenting war with China as well as Russia!! I have heard that the beneficial ETS are working with Putin to avert WW3, and I do not believe it will happen, but I think the tensions are there. It’s feeling like the Cold War all over again! 😦

Still, I am left wondering what really is going on with China. I’m really not worried about Russia, but are the Chinese being misrepresented too? I’ve seen the videos of their artificial islands and the gun silos on them though. WTH are they building these islands for??? They are militarizing the Chinese seas, and it really doesn’t seem very beneficent. If they’ve bought up all the gold from the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox, might they be getting power-hungry now? Could they be infiltrated by the Illuminati, and are now compromised???? Sheesh, I hope not!

Okay…we need Full Disclosure to happen now! The more time goes by, the more the chances for the damn Illuminati to harm more people and do more damage. They have to be stopped NOW. I am getting sick of hearing covertly that the Cabal are being arrested, that such and such a major Illuminati was killed, etc, etc., when I fail to see real proof of it. Yes, there is a lot of change, good change, happening, but it’s kinda looking like partial disclosure to me. Obama has just said that he hopes to work with youth to turn them into global change warriors after he leaves office…WTH? I’m sorry, but that looks like Pizzagate recruitment to me! I don’t believe that the Obamas will magically be free of Illuminati control just because Barack isn’t president any longer. Not until the Illuminati are taken out and jailed will he be free to do any real good. I’m still remembering the $65,000 spent on “pizza and hotdogs” that were at a White House party. 😦

Okay…maybe I need to keep the holiday spirit and have faith. Well, there is that massive gamma ray burst coming on the 26th. I hope it does something amazing!