I just found something cute for this holiday season…the scientists in London, Ontario at Western University (just a couple of hours away from me!) have made the world’s smallest snowman out of silica. It is microscopic, and only 3 microns tall. To give you perspective, a grain of sand is 100 microns. Isn’t that amazing?!?!?! I found the article on The Weather Network, and they quote the scientist as saying:

“It’s just a compelling little image, especially for the time of year,” Dr. Todd Simpson, scientist from the Western University’s Nonofabrication Facility told The Canadian Press.

“It’s not easy to find something that’s easy for people to comprehend — most of what we do is pretty complicated and probably kind of boring to most,” he told the news agency. “It’s not something we set out to make, it was something that I found on a sample made for another purpose but it only took a few minutes to give him arms and a face and a nose.”

Simpson told The Canadian Press he got the idea back in December 2005 when he first noticed three silica spheres stacked together resembled a snowman.

The scientist took an image of the spheres and used a program to draw a face and arms on the figure to make a Christmas card. This year Simpson thought he would try something different by actually sculpting the facial features and arms.

Here’s a picture of it with a bunch of other silica spheres; it looks like these little spheres sometimes stick to each other. But it’s rare for them to bunch up in threes like this…and how quirky to make it into a little snowman! I love it! Merry Christmas everyone! ❤