Wow…I think I know why I was feeling kinda depressed last night and this morning…I just read that 92 people were killed in a plane crash in Russia early this morning (well, Christmas morning for them, last night for me in this part of the world). This is definitely sad news…the Russian military choir was on it, as well as a humanitarian doctor who was bringing a shipment of medicines to a hospital in Syria. Wow…I just checked the current time in Russia…it’s 6:19 pm already! It’s only 10:19 am here in Canada. I think my empathy skills kicked in last night at the time of the plane going down. bleah. It explains why I was feeling down at least, because I was looking forward to today actually.

According to this article, they don’t seem to think it was an act of terrorism. It happened only 2 minutes after take-off, which makes them think it was a malfunction:

A Russian official says the crash of a Russian military passenger plane into the Black Sea could have been caused by a technical malfunction or a crew error, but he believes it could not have been terrorism because the plane was operated by the military.

Hmmm…I dunno about that. And some of the commenters on the piece feel the same way too. These were the top 2 comments:

Current US government has been known to murder it’s own in plane crashes. Not too hard to think they would do this to others . They have to be suspected after Obama making the threats the other day.

Why can’t America accept loss with dignity. Downing a plane full of Christian choir members, paying a muslim nutcase to kill a Christian ambassador, continue to pay islamist “rebels” to shoot civilians in the streets to ensure Aleppo remains in chaos. All because they lost. Shame on them.

Interesting that I am not the only one who is wondering this. I had heard rumblings “in the ether” I guess you could say, of a Christmas event or red flag. I think this must be it. sigh. Prayers and condolences sent to the poor families of the victims…so far, it’s looking like there are no survivors. 😥