I did a post a little while back about the massive gamma rays that are due to hit the Earth today, December 26th, 2016. It has turned out to be a very popular post for me, which surprises me. LOL Just today it’s been viewed 5 times, making it viewed 42 times since I posted it on December 13th. Considering I do zero SEO, I think that’s amazing.

But I’ve just recently come across some new info on this. I’ve read about it on more scientific vlogs, and read about it on esoteric blogs. It’s starting to look like something happened on the 19th that may be related to this gamma ray energy coming in.

Dutchsinse was the first to notice this energy wave that was detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave application, and BPEarthWatch also reported on it. Now one channel has put out a video and says that it is helium energy that was captured by both MIMIC and MORPHED; specifically helium 3 and helium 4 energy. Now the guy from the video was rather hysterical in his interpretations of what this means, and I do not believe for one minute it is an end of the world, disaster scenario we are dealing with here. But he is quite upset that no one is mentioning the fact that it is helium energy that was caught on the apps, which he says is indicative of a brown dwarf star. I’m not sure where he is going with the whole brown dwarf star thing, but I think he is fear-mongering here. Maybe not intentionally, but wow…he’s quite adamant that no one is calling it what it really is and are missing the whole significance of these energy waves.

Addendum December 30th: Suspicious Observer has decided to tackle the question of the helium scare that the one video was going on about, and SO has noted that this is the third time this helium scare has been going around. So it looks like it's disinformation.

Then there is this other video I was watching yesterday, and this author showed how the energy waves were actually coming from the North Pole. He suggested that it was probably coming from some type of HAARP type structure located at the North Pole.

I didn’t know what to think of both of these videos, but they obviously percolated in my subconscious overnight, for I woke around 4:30 am and my MOTN meditation concerned this very subject.

Oh…I also wanted to mention a timeline shift event that happened at this time. Don’t know if it’s significant, but when I woke in the middle of the night, I got up to pee and since I was very warm, decided to get a drink of water before laying back down. I noticed the time on the stove was 4:54 am. I laid back down and composed myself to go back to sleep (not necessarily to meditate), but my cats decided to act up. They know I hate it when they climb over my pillow and head…I don’t like my hair being pulled. For whatever reason, my black kitty was walking over my head and trying to get to my night table. I shooed him away, and put him down on the other side of me, which has another night table with a clock radio on it. The time was 4:45 am. Whaaa???? That is what got me to decide on meditating instead of going back to sleep. Anyway….

My musings wound up focusing on both of these new videos I had watched…the one that said the energy waves of the 19th were helium, and the one that said that the energy waves came from the North Pole. What my higher self came up with is that it was indeed helium energy generated, not from a brown dwarf star, but a HAARP facility in the North Pole. The purpose I divined was to try to stop this gamma radiation that is coming in today on the 26th. Too many esoteric posts are saying this is 7th dimensional energy, energy from the Galactic Core designed to help with Ascension, that will change our DNA further, etc, etc. Transformational energy that the Cabal wants stopped from happening. It is only “end of times” energy for the Cabal. And they will use their HAARP and CERN capabilities to try and prevent all of these beneficial energy waves that Source and the Galactic Core are sending us from reaching the planet. I know they won’t succeed, but it still remains to be seen what exactly the results of this massive gamma ray burst will be.

I am reminded of President Obama’s Executive Order about Space Events…I suspect they knew about this gamma ray burst before it was leaked to the public. Before anyone could figure out what was happening, or going to happen. Obviously the Cabal think this is a bad thing that will destroy their infrastructures…I dunno, I had trouble getting onto my computer this morning, but I put white light around it and it’s fine now.

Yet…I did want to point out something else I have noticed for the last week or more…the Schumann Resonance has been steadily climbing! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it was at 8.4 and 8.5, then just before the Solstice it went up to 8.6, and the last couple of days it’s been at 8.7! This is wonderful news IMO! Definitely signs that our frequencies are rising! Now, it would seem that maybe this microwave/helium/whatever coming from the North Pole is actually having a beneficial effect on Gaia. That would negate the HAARP idea, but perhaps lend more credence to the helium idea. I don’t know what to think to be honest.

This energy wave is so intense that it’s travelling deep down into the core, and although we just saw that terrible 7.6 earthquake in Chile, no one was killed. So I think the energy that came in on the 19th was a good thing to be honest, but I do not put it past the Cabal to try to stop this energy, and the incoming gamma rays, in some way.  I don’t think that they would allow the energy to be “detected” by any of the apps though. So the video trying to warn us about the possible HAARP thing in the North Pole may be more on the money than he realizes, just it’s not the energy waves that were detected by MIMIC. Maybe there is a HAARP thing that tried to distort the energy, and that is why it seems to be coming from the North Pole when you wrap the image around and flatten it. I dunno…but as my mind tried to wrap about this possibility, my intuition says that the Cabal will no doubt try to negate these energy waves bombarding us this month. I am certain they won’t succeed though…Source is more intelligent, and way more powerful, than they are. 🙂