Well, it seems that Christmas Day was very eventful all over the world! Wow…we even had a meltdown at our family Christmas get together. sigh. But WTH is up with the rest of the world????

There was the Russian military plane with 92 people aboard that went down in the Black Sea on Christmas Day. No survivors have been found, and I read somewhere that it literally exploded. I don’t remember where I read it, but someone suggested that it was blown up by US advanced technology. I guess there was a US cargo ship nearby or something like that. I dunno about this conspiracy theory, although I do suspect that the US or their Cabal masters had something to do with it. I wonder who else was on board this plane besides the 62 Russian military choir and the humanitarian doctor? It WAS a military plane, leaving a military base, bound for Syria. Hmmm…

There was a 7.6 earthquake in Chile on Christmas day…and thousands were evacuated because of worries about a tsunami. Thankfully, no one has been reported killed in this earthquake, and the tsunami fears were never manifested, but still…many had their Christmases disrupted in a scary way. 😦

Then there’s this weird headline “Germans must leave home Xmas morning as WWII bomb is defused” by the Canadian Press. I guess that:

More than 54,000 people in the southern German city of Augsburg will have to leave their homes Christmas morning while authorities defuse a giant 1.8-ton aerial bomb from World War II.

The city’s medieval cathedral and City Hall are in the area to be sealed off. Police said Saturday that no one would be allowed into the surrounding streets after about 8 a.m. Sunday and everyone must be out by 10 a.m.

Police say it was impossible to say exactly how long it would take to make the bomb safe.

WTF is an old WW2 bomb doing in the middle of a German city on Christmas Day???? This is beyond bizarre, and I think this is another red flag type of incident. This comes too soon after the whole lorry truck hitting the German Christmas market incident. Which was a red flag too. I dunno why Germany and Russia are both being hit so badly. Well, Russia is understandable, but Germany? Merkel’s an Illuminati puppet, so why are they targeting Germany? Although she is about to be ousted from power very soon, since their elections are in January. sigh

Then there is something I heard about high ranking Cabal members being under house arrest, and I don’t know if it was a Cobra intel or not, but I remember hearing something very recently about the Queen and her family being under arrest. Now supposedly the Queen and Prince Phillip have bad colds, and I just read that the Queen did not go to mass Christmas morning for the first time in many years. Prince Phillip did, but if they are under arrest, I suppose they might have let 95 yr old Phillip go just so that the populace doesn’t get too upset. It’s the Queen who’s the important Cabal member. But she’s 90 years old too…it makes me wonder if they’re not going to die soon. Hmmm…

Then there is the death of George Michael. It is being ruled as unexplained but not suspicious. Ummm…I have to agree with this video that suggests that it is suspicious that a 53 yr old man, who seemed to be in perfect health, had a heart attack. We do know that the Cabal has ways of making people they want to kill off have heart attacks. So someone having a heart attack, or dying in a car accident, or committing suicide, is always suspicious IMO. Why George Michael though? I dunno, but I think it’s suspicious too. The video suggests it’s the Satanist Cabal’s Christmas blood sacrifice, but I think that might be a little over the top. But who knows??? 😦 In any case, my condolences to his loved ones and friends and fans.

The last thing I want to mention is yet another Financial Reset scenario that was being heralded by Zorra of Hollow Earth to happen “before the day of Christ’s birth”. Saw a couple of videos where he was called out for this red herring…yet another false boast about GESARA happening. I am getting mighty sick of these stupid prophets and their stories of imminent global financial resets happening NOW and never coming to fruition. I have encountered at least 2 recently…one saying it would happen before Thanksgiving, and now this one was supposed to happen before Christmas. Well, they both were from Hollow Earth groups, so that in itself is telling. The Earth is not hollow, although I do believe there are vast underground areas that host other human breakaway civilizations and ET races. I’ve suddenly starting to come across this Zorra character, and my discernment meter says he’s fake. The False Light is busy these days. sigh

There’s also that massive gamma ray burst set to hit today…I woke with a headache, but I’m seeing all kind of things on it. But I’ll go into it more in another post.