I had some weird dreams/visions this morning when I woke at 6 am and tried to go back to sleep. For whatever reason, my cats have been consistently waking me up around this time and not letting me get back to sleep with their antics. I’ll have to meditate on that at another time though. But this morning’s antics of theirs kept me from getting back to sleep, and instead, I was just going in deep enough to have hypnagogic type dreams or visions or whatever the hell these images were.

First off I saw Trump as Thor and heard the words Ragnarok. After awakening, I remembered that I had seen there was a Thor movie coming out about Ragnarok, and the article mentioned that Thor managed to survive it, since he was in the next Avengers movie. LOL I think this may be prophetic??? I dunno, but the pronunciation and spelling of Ragnarok was really emphasized for whatever reason. It was kinda amusing seeing Trump as Thor though. LOL It was even more amusing to find this image! LMAO


Several times, I was just falling asleep and starting to dream when the cats would do something to awaken me, so there are a bunch of images that I can’t really remember now. I do remember hearing the word Giuliani the last time though, and thinking specifically it was Rudy Giuliani. I don’t know where the hell that came from, so I decided to look it up.

It seems that he has made a Twitter confession, and calls out a bunch of Cabal activities. Wow. I will showcase it here, because I think it’s an amazingly brave thing he has done here. I think this is proof that there are members of the Cabal who are jumping ship and who never wanted to be part of that corruption to begin with. They are now turning on their old masters and doing the right thing.


I will definitely be keeping this brave man in my prayers. I guess he had been talking about Pizzagate and was told to remove his posts by Twitter or his account would be deleted, so I don’t know if it has been, but I found the information on Archive.is here. Wow…what a wonderful resource this Archive.is site is! I have read about it before, but how great that you can post stuff on it and it can be preserved, regardless of who tries to censor the internet!!!

Actually, I just checked and his Twitter account is indeed suspended. bleah on Twitter! I also discovered that Snopes.com (that stupid mom and pop bastion of fake news) claims that he doesn’t have a Twitter account and that the account was fake that was suspended. Yeah, like I believe Snopes…those debunked idiots who have made fools of themselves with prostitutes and putting their dominatrix mistresses in as fact checkers. sigh

I also see from reading this archive of his Twitter account that he has created another site for people to send info on Pizzagate to, because he intends to keep investigating because the CIA won’t. He also mentions a few times that he may not be around much longer as a result of what he is posting, which is the truth about the Cabal. Wow…I didn’t know that he was doing this! I had formerly believed him and his billionaire brother were Illuminati who were screwing over New York…oops, that’s the Koch brothers. 😦 Actually, wasn’t Giuliani a much beloved mayor????

Like I said, I think he has jumped ship and is trying to correct the wrongs that he is aware of. I pray to God they don’t kill him to shut him up…he is definitely more of the type of people we need right now to take down these horrible Elitists and Illuminati NWO power mongers. I hope the Alliance and the benevolent ETs can protect him, because he has insider information that can help us bring down the Illuminati.

Wow…interesting that my Higher Self sent me on this quest for this information this morning. I appreciate that I am becoming aware of those who are working hard to help correct the awful wrongs being done. I have been worried that Pizzagate seems to have dropped off the trending news, but it looks like Rudy Giuliani is doing something.

Addendum 07-06-2018 Found some verification of Rudy Giuliani as an Alliance supporter from none other than Q: "Among the figures who have been promoted by QAnon as heroes resisting the “deep state” include Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Mayor of New York City turned Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani." So glad to know that he is indeed on the side of right!!!

I’ve also been finding a lot of videos about Trey Gowdy and his investigation of Hillary Clinton at some congressional hearing. I can’t figure out what hearing this was, but it had to do with emails, and I’m wondering if it had to do with Benghazi. The videos were posted in the last couple of days, but all by the same person, and were just snippets of the proceedings. One of the commenters suggested she had a massive crush on Trey Gowdy. LOL

I don’t know why these videos are suddenly showing up in the side bar when I view Youtube posts, but I suspect that it is in response to my concern that the Pizzagate thing won’t amount to anything, and that Hillary and the Clintons will get away with all their corruption. I suspect that Gowdy is not going to let Hillary get away with anything. I think he will keep on her until she is indicted. He is very intelligent, very cogent, very effective in his speaking. He seems to make Hillary really nervous! heh heh I am praying for him too now.

I am feeling so much more secure knowing that there are at least 2 people I have just discovered who are passionate about exposing the truth and bringing the corrupt to justice. I know I should have kept the faith. sigh. But thank you for the reassurances!!! 😀

Addendum: Before anyone comments that Giuliani doesn't even have a Twitter account, and this is fake news...I choose to believe that it is a real confession with real information in it. If Giuliani didn't post it, then someone else is trying to bring the truth out. But as the Official Statement states, technology has gotten so good that the CGI could make it seem that he is refuting his own statements. I feel like I was led to find this, so I choose to believe it is true. It resonates with me. With the Cabal being taken down right and left, I choose to believe that some will take the opportunity to leave a corrupt system they never wanted to be part of to begin with.

There is also a very interesting analysis about the veracity of this tweet and the Twitter account that it came from, which suggests that it is real.