What the hell is up with all these celebrities suddenly dying??? I have to admit I thought George Michael’s death was a red flag thing, and then Carrie Fisher was potentially too. Alex Jones makes a compelling case about how a celebrity’s death can make their latest work more popular in the mainstream. And Carrie has not only the latest Star Wars movie coming out, but a book too. Is someone trying to capitalize on her death??? Then I read somewhere that George Michael was involved in Pizzagate…don’t know about that, but I also just read that his boyfriend found him peacefully gone in his bed on Christmas morning. Hmmm…sounds suspicious for a 53 yr old IMO.

But I am now hearing that comic Ricky Harris from Everybody Hates Chris is dead too. Ricky was 54 years old, Carrie was 60, and George was 53 years old. All three were way too young to be dying of heart attacks. Then the Yahoo newsfeed made Garry Shandling’s death their leading story. Before the Ricky Harris story. WTF? It made me think he just died too, but they are just now releasing how he died back in March. I guess it was a blood clot for Garry…and he had opiates in his system too, they were quick to point out. Again, WTF? Why are they mentioning this now? Like one commenter said, shouldn’t this coroner’s report be something private for the family? My discernment meter is going off. 😦

This is now really raising flags for me…George Michael’s death was the first flag, then Alex Jones’ story about Carrie Fisher raised another, and now a third celebrity, all in the space of a couple of days. This seems really fishy to me. I wonder what links the three of them? And why is Garry Shandling’s cause of death suddenly being announced??? I suspect that we will find there is a link between all their deaths at some point down the line. What a tragic loss. My prayers are with their families and friends and fans.

Addendum December 29th

OMFG…now Carrie Fisher’s mom has died! Debbie Reynolds has died while making the arrangements for her daughter’s funeral. I guess she was having troubles breathing and they figure it was a stroke. Or maybe a broken heart. For some reason, this one made me cry. This is indeed alarming…someone every day this week! WTH is going on? I do believe that Debbie Reynolds was a natural death though, the others not so much.

I guess that some guy has become so alarmed by this upsetting trend that he has set up a GofundMe account to pay for him to personally go guard much beloved Betty White! Although this is somewhat humorous, he may have legitimate grounds to be worried IMO. You can read the story here. It does make me wonder though, why so many are leaving so suddenly. Is something going to happen in 2017 that they aren’t prepared for and so decided to leave the earthly plane? It really makes you wonder!!!