Wow…the Cabal are not trying to even be subtle! The latest sanctions that Obama has levied against Russia is proof of this. I actually feel really sorry for Obama…I do not for one minute believe that he is solely responsible for the insane actions he’s engaged in lately. The Cabal is trying to destabilize everything so that Trump will fail when he gets into office. I feel this is blatantly obvious, but reading the commentaries of various people, they are personally attacking Obama for making bad choices. Some see that he is trying to make things rough for Trump when he gets into office, but so many are directly blaming Obama as if it was all his idea. I do not believe this is the case.

People must realize that he is a puppet to the Cabal…the elite globalists who are part of the shadow government that controls most countries and their governments. I truly do not believe that he has the choice to say no to what they want him to enact in these last, desperate days of trying to maintain control. I think people need to realize that his daughters are “pizza” after all. I would be terrified if I was a loving father with young daughters, and in the precarious position of being at the mercy of downright evil people who want to control the world. You cannot blame him for doing what they want in order to protect his family and loved ones. I am certain he is being heavily monitored and threatened to do as they are telling him. I do not believe he wants to do these things. I believe that he is a good man to be honest. Being an empath, I can “feel” when someone is evil…George Soros is horrifically evil feeling, but Obama feels nothing like this!

I am currently reading David Wilcock’s Ascension Mysteries book, and I came across this insider’s testimony regarding Obama. Pete Peterson revealed

that a very provocative meeting took place between Obama and the surviving former US presidents on January 7, 2009 (see photo in header) Up until this point, Obama did not know what he had gotten himself into. According to Pete, he was taken into a half-hour private meeting with George H.W. Bush in which he was severely verbally abused and threatened. 

The Washington Post confirmed that a private meeting did take place, as follows: ” A real team of rivals gathered for lunch at the White House yesterday, as President Bush and three former US commanders in chief put aside their political differences to offer recollections and advice to President-elect Barack Obama…Neither the White House nor the Obama transition team shared many details from the lunch…and no aides were present during the meal, officials said. Obama also met one on one with Bush for about 30 minutes beforehand.”

Up until the meeting, Obama did not know much, if anything, about the Cabal. He was told that he and all of his family would be tortured and killed if they resisted. Obama apparently staggered out of this meeting into a room in the White House that he thought was private. He held his head in his hands and cried, saying he had been made into a scapegoat. According to Pete as well as Jacob (another insider), an intelligence agent was in a nearby phone booth and witnessed the entire event. Pete also said the vast majority of insiders working for the Alliance know that this happened.

I totally believe this happened, and is still happening to the poor man. I cannot find it in my heart to think poorly of his current actions…I know he is being coerced to use his presidential authority to do things that the Cabal want. I feel so bad for him, and my prayers go out to him and his poor family. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how much older and greyer he has become since he became POTUS, but he seems very withdrawn and tired these days. I bet he cannot wait to leave office!

At the same time, I wonder if such a tactic would work on Trump. Somehow, I don’t think so. LOL My prayers are with Donald and his family too though…there is so much evil corruption they will have to work through. sigh. Just look at that picture in my header…the Bushes and the Clintons are all part of the evil corruption that is part and parcel of the government cabal. Wow…I feel so bad for Obama…what a ganging-up that must have been!!! 😥

Thankfully, it is all coming to an end. And I think evil George HW Bush is too busy with his trial on his treasonous behavior in the illegal war on Iraq (see my post here) to be threatening new President elects!  Let’s hope that the Ninth Circuit court will find him guilty when they present their verdict after the holidays! I think how this goes will say a lot about how much we are winning the Disclosure wars. I pray that he is arrested and punished, and that the whole DNC corruption can be mitigated so that Obama and his family can live their lives peacefully after January 20th!

Addendum: Jan 3, 2017

I just read an encouraging article, “A Short Word About Presidents and Their Puppet Masters” that also understands how the Presidents are merely puppets. He also wonders why everyone is so intent on demonizing poor Obama right now, and makes the valid point:

In the alternative and ‘awakened’ community I am disappointingly still seeing people assigning blame to Obama or previous presidents for the current state of our life here in the United States.

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, presidents are puppets. They do what they’re told; they are told to jump and they ask how high?

This is more than obvious when we look at their actions and behavior. Presidents are the spokesperson or collective idea of a way of doing things that are dictated by those who put them in power. We know who these puppet masters are, but why am I still seeing anti-Obama or anti-whomever posts in our community?

That being said, I do still think that some of the presidents have come from Illuminati families and were not forced to do anyone’s bidding. The horrors they perpetuated were totally on them (can we say Bush and Clinton???) and they will be put on trial for their misdeeds. They were/are not just puppets and should face punishment. But I totally believe that Obama was/is still a puppet. How to tell the difference? I think Obama would gladly leave office if he could and not do the things that he is being told to do right now, but I think Bush and Clinton would willingly do their masters’ bidding. We will see when the shit hits the fan, and who gets arrested by the Alliance. And I think the Podestas are in hiding in Antarctica personally, and that is why we have not heard or seen from them.