Okay, it’s looking like the whole helium energy burst was a hoax that’s been perpetuated for the last couple of years (see Suspicious Observer’s video here), but what about this gamma ray burst?

I dunno what to think about the “massive gamma ray burst” that was supposed to happen on December 26th, but I didn’t feel anything. I did awaken with a headache, and have the last few days since, but I’m not convinced it’s even an ascension symptom. We got several inches of snow back in the beginning of December, and it’s been so cold that it’s stuck around. We’re talking down into the teens (in Fahrenheit) and below zero F wind chills. Then Christmas Day, the temps got into the 40s! All the snow was gone by the 26th. My sinuses were killing me! bleah The ground was so super saturated with water that when I tried to walk across the lawn to remove something that was banging against the building that I sank a couple of inches into muck! Sorry, but that kind of drastic temperature change always screws up my sinuses, and many people are sick right now because of it too. I believe it’s the temperature change and not any gamma rays that’s causing this, to be honest.

I did read someone’s post somewhere that claimed that this gamma ray burst hit people hard. Really? I don’t see any evidence of that, so I don’t know what this person was talking about. So I won’t even bother posting a link to it. But it makes me think that maybe this was another hoax too. sigh. Although I want to believe that the energy burst of the 19th and then this gamma burst on the 26th were 2 of the 3 waves that would signal the Ascension process where the sun “sneezes”…which is what David Wilcock and some other whistleblowers have started calling the whole ekpyrosis thing I’ve discussed before here and here. But I dunno what to think about the whole gamma ray energy that was supposed to have hit. Nothing on official channels, and only some woo-hooey stuff elsewhere. sigh