Wow…I just read an article that really resonated with me. It is entitled “Why Advanced Souls Struggle With Abundance“. Huh…this made so much sense to me! I am a highly empathic starseed/lightworker, yet I am struggling with abject poverty. I have mentioned before that I live considerably below the poverty level. This whole century has been gruelling in my inability to find work and make a decent wage. I am well read, well educated, have tons of job experience and 3 functional resumes that I have been told are excellent, and I still cannot find work. I find myself in the strange position of being overqualified for everything I apply for. sigh I am currently on social assisted disability for severe chronic depression and anxiety. Maybe not so surprising LOL

The author points out:

Starseeds are very advanced souls whose first incarnation was not on planet Earth. In these times they have chosen to incarnate as volunteers to assist the humanity in ascension and healing. Paradoxically, it is these souls that find manifesting and abundance to be one of the most challenging areas in life where they struggle to just keep afloat.

The reasons that she gives for this anomaly resonates too…past-life experiences, lack of grounding, misconceptions about spirituality and abundance, soul age and ancestral templates. Let’s look at each of these.

Past life experiences can lead to experiences that make us be afraid of power and money.

Starseed souls carry a baggage of lifetimes where they encountered darkness, poverty and abuse of power.

Because of this soul-level trauma, starseeds and other advanced souls are often afraid of power. Their souls want to play it safe, avoiding power to make sure they never hurt anyone again – or get hurt and betrayed themselves. This fear of power is a soul-level issue, and is often outside of any conscious awareness. And yet it is one of the major blocks to abundance.

I know for a fact that this happened to me, and I am aware of a lifetime when I was a Franciscan monk and took a vow of poverty. I found this pdf file of the Crystal Resonance Magazine that has a chapter on a Parallel Life Layout for Releasing Vows of Poverty. It was very informative and made me realize that I was still holding onto that vow I took hundreds of years ago.

A vow is a sacred commitment taken with such determination and resignation that it lasts until it is rescinded. Often, these vows, particularly taken by those in religious orders, remain solemn promises even when that experience of religious life is centuries in the past. These past life vows can have deleterious effects on people’s present life.

I’ll say!!! bleah Unfortunately, I can totally vouch for this one. sigh

The next point is that many advanced souls have problems with grounding. This has been an ongoing problem for me…I don’t know why I have so much trouble grounding, although just recently I found an answer with my Dotsero Diamond stone that my friend K gave me (see my post here). But as the author points out:

Very advanced souls tend to “ground up”, having too much energy in the upper chakras, while struggling with some of the practical aspects of life here on Earth…These souls tend to have other interests and priorities that do not necessarily align with what is deemed a successful life by worldly standards.

Yes, I am not very worldly-wise and not really interested in making lots of money or being an economic slave. But the grounding aspect is an ongoing problem for me…I not only live too much in my head, but I focus on my higher chakras to a much greater degree than the lower ones. I think this is because of my starseed origins…I outline here that my Higher Self is an ET named Ladosa Jenavi, who is not physical and whose chakra system begins with the heart chakra.

Then there is the very real problem of not understanding what abundance really is.

Abundance does not equate merely material success. At the same time, one does not become more spiritual by being poor or miserable. Nor is there anything sinful in being rich. Many advanced souls need to heal mind-level misconceptions and societal programming and get clear about what abundance really means for them.

I think this is a problem for me because I remember what it’s like to have everything I need without having to do anything for it. It is so very easy on other worlds and other dimensions. This 3D world is so vastly different that I find I don’t know how to attract the abundance and prosperity which should so rightly be ours…everyone’s! That the Illuminati are keeping from us! I know that’s not just the problem for advanced souls though…it’s almost impossible for all of us! So I’m not sure if this is a valid point.

The author seems to think that soul age has something to do with the ability to manifest abundance.

In my experience, younger, less advanced souls tend to have a much easier time manifesting abundance, for two simple reasons – they have more interest in the material world, and they have less obstructions, vows and past life karma preventing them from living in abundance.

I’m not sure I agree here, but I don’t have any personal experience to draw on here to verify or refute this idea. It’s an interesting point though.

Her last point regarding ancestral templates is interesting:

Very advanced souls often choose to incarnate into difficult environments and family templates— with a lot of war, strife, loss, adversity and lack of love. It is for this reason that it is generally very difficult for some advanced souls to meditate and keep stillness, because of the traumatic lives they have had. The goal of this connection with the pain of humanity is transmuting it – but many starseeds get stuck in the process.

Yes, I can see this…the idea of incarnating into difficult situations in order to connect and transmute the pain of humanity. And yes, I can vouch for getting stuck in the process! sigh

Then there is the family/ancestral link:

Family and ancestral wounds, such as abuse or loss of possessions, are often inherited across generations. These deep wounds usually have a clinging energy to them that makes it difficult to make room for more light and joy.

Even if they’re not your original star family, these human energetic modes of relationship can really trip you up! Especially if you’re an empath! sigh

But I think her summary statements are true for anyone who is struggling with poverty and lack:

Starseeds were never meant to lead conventional lives, but they certainly have the power to sustain both themselves and others! Visualizations and prayer often work better than meditation. Soul work tends to be more transformative and efficient than old-school therapy. The key is acknowledging the deep soul-level issues and beginning the work at the level of the soul.