Ohmigod…the Bilderberg’s website has been hacked! It is no doubt Anonymous who has done this…I feel like cheering! Good for them…this is amazing! LOLOLOL Although I have just discovered that this was back in June, I think it’s really something that the site is still down and the note that was left behind is still up. Strange that it’s just showing up in the alternative news now though. I just found this reference at InfoWars.com, but their coverage of it brings it to many more people’s awareness.

Who are the Bilderberg’s? Ummm…the most secretive of the Illuminati, that’s who. They control all the other Illuminati minions. As this article “ANONYMOUS JUST HACKED BILDERBERG & ISSUED OMINOUS THREAT — ‘WORK FOR HUMANITY’ OR LOSE IT ALL” states:

It’s one of the most secretive and powerful organizations you’ve probably never heard of; the Bilderberg Group. With virtually no mainstream corporate media coverage of the event, the ultra-exclusive events take place in the open as the world remains uninformed. In fact, many people still believe that the Bilderberg Group is a conspiracy theory — in spite of many of the world’s elite admitting to attending as well as the group publicly listing their event.

Nearly 130 politicians, financiers, and industrialists attended this year’s conference, with the guest list including the chief of the International Monetary Fund, as well as the former heads of the CIA and MI6. What was once considered among the world’s most secretive meetings, the Bilderberg Meeting, has been held annually since 1954. Until recent decades, the actual existence of the meetings had been generally disregarded by the mainstream media as nothing more than a fringe “conspiracy theory.”

These are the bad guys’ bosses. 😦 Now they have been hacked into and given a warning:

The bilderbergmeetings.org website has been taken down by hackers and the group has been issued a warning that they need to work for the benefit of humanity — or their assets will be hacked next.

And if anyone can do it, it is Anonymous. They are the positive faction of the military, CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies who are so fed up with the corruption that they have banded together to bring down the Cabal. They are past pros at hacking, and are probably the hacking geniuses of the Alliance. This is a big score for the Alliance!!! I’m thrilled!!!

But Anonymous and whoever HackBack is, posted a threatening letter on the site giving them this warning:

“Dear Bilderberg members, from now on, each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests,” the hackers, who identified themselves as the “HackBack movement and Anonymous,” said in a message posted at bilderbergmeetings.org.

The entire letter can be read by going to the bilderberg site that is linked to above. Wow…just wow. It is a potent statement of the Alliance’s might, and definitely a strong message given to the Illuminati/Cabal that their influence is being taken away. I find I am excited to see this kind of disclosure happening! Three cheers for the forces of Light and Truth!

I also found this article entitled “Anonymous targets the Bilderberg Group as OpIcarus transforms into Project Mayhem” which discusses the “Project Mayhem” or “Operation Icarus” that Anonymous is involved in. I didn’t realize there was this operation going on, although it stands to reason.

The Anonymous hacking collective is ramping up cyberattacks against stock exchanges and financial institutions across the group as part of phase three of its Operation Icarus campaign – currently dubbed Project Mayhem.

This was an interesting read, especially in light of a video that was put out by Anonymous Wolf that is purportedly by Anonymous too. It is not like most Anonymous videos though, and seems more like a theatrical production, but I have a feeling it is indeed by a faction within Anonymous. This video is entitled “Anonymous A Message To David Rockefeller1” and shows a masked Anonymous digging up David’s grandfather and nailing him to the huge stone monument. Then a group of Anonymous are shown and speak about how horrible the desecration of his grandfather’s tomb is…but not anywhere near as heinous as the pain and suffering that David brought to millions with the whole 9/11 tragedy and the subsequent war in Iraq.

Despite its departure from the standard Anonymous videos I have watched, the voice is the same. It “feels” like an Anonymous video in its message and tone. I think that perhaps this was an attempt to scare David Rockefeller and dramatically show that they can get to him in many different ways. But what seems most telling is that this was posted just days before this news of the Bilderberg website hacking is now going mainstream. They have also given notice to George Soros too, as I noted in yesterday’s post here.

I think the elite 1% have been given notice to clean up their act or be taken down. About time I say! It’s going to be an exciting 2017!!!