Wow…everyone is getting really upset about Obama’s latest antics with his expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. Everyone is very fearful that this will lead to war, and I am seeing myriad articles all touting that Obama is trying to start WW3. It’s not going to happen.

Putin has already said that he’s not going to retaliate with sanctions himself, despite the fake news of CNN that said he had closed down a school for the English speaking diplomats’ children. No schools were closed down, and indeed, the children and families of the diplomats are all invited to a traditional New Year’s celebration at the Kremlin.

Putin has said he won’t engage in “kitchen” diplomacy, and the InfoWars video “Obama Tries To Ignite WWIII In Last Days” actually explains what this means. I guess it means the same type of fighting that goes on in the kitchen between a husband and his wife. Love the simile! LOL And that is what this seems like…childish pettiness on the part of Obama and more importantly, the Cabal. I am so very relieved that Putin sees right through this childishness and won’t engage in such “kitchen” diplomacy. Kindergarten antics is more like it IMO. sigh

I am glad that a lot of people can see through the idiocy of sanctions for the fallacious “crime” of hacking the election. I believe everyone knows that Russia did not hack the election, and no one can provide any proof. Because it did not happen! I’ve even heard such silliness as that Putin personally hacked into America’s election process. yeah right…like the man, who runs the world’s largest country, has nothing better to do with his time! Seriously…it is not that easy to hack into anything! It is a lot of work, and very time-consuming. To seriously think that Putin has the time and energy to do this is inane.

In the video, Infowars sets the viewer’s straight on what the Fake News is…it’s the war-mongering stories that are rife on TV right now. It’s definitely best to turn off the TV to avoid the propaganda shit the Cabal is trying to foist on America. I am reminded of an interesting little chat I had with the young cable guy who came to install my cable when I moved. He claims that younger people don’t even bother with TV…they stream their movies from Netflix or have Android boxes. I think it is interesting to note that they are only interested in the movies, not the news or a lot of the “reality TV” stuff that’s taken over TVland. I know for a fact that the cable companies have increased their phone and internet rates because they have seen drastic cuts to their TV subscription rates. I pay $67.78 for basic internet and basic phone service (no features at all)! I think this is asinine…basic service should not be this expensive! I did look around for the cheapest rates, and this was it! bleah

Anyway…another InfoWars video, “Putin Takes the High Road“, also makes a really valid point…that the whole Russian hacking thing isn’t even about them hacking into the election process. What they’re so upset about is that Russia supposedly was responsible for leaking the emails that inundated the internet just before the election. No one in the MSM is denying that the emails weren’t the truth…they are just busy throwing blame at the Russians…it’s all just a smoke screen. sigh

I was surprised by this Yahoo article that reported on how Trump is praising Putin for his intelligence in not engaging in counter sanctions and said “kitchen” diplomacy.

President-elect Donald Trump hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday for not officially retaliating against the U.S. action against Russia.

“Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!” Trump tweeted.

What upsets me are the nasty comments that I found at the end of the article…wow, the trolls are out in force!!! I am encouraged that all of the nasty comments had replies by real people who were calling them out and correcting them. It is weird to see the evidence of paid trolls making hateful accusations like this though. Wow…I am so glad that people are seeing through these vitriolic emotional ploys! I am shocked to see so many of them on Yahoo though, which seems to be rather middle-of-the-road MSM. The Yahoo News story was neutral in my opinion, and just stated the facts without embellishment. Although a little voice wonders if it wasn’t worded in such a way to pave the way for the nasty comments. sigh

But am I worried about this causing WW3? No, I am not. Not just because Trump has said he doesn’t want to start a war with anyone, or the fact that Putin (and even China) have taken very laid-back attitudes to the provocations coming out of the US and the Obama administration. My confidence comes from something I have heard before…that Putin had a run-in with positive ETs who are helping him prevent a war. Okay…now some may not believe this, but I will quote David Wilcock here. His information is coming from Secret Space program insiders who have told him:

Despite all the negative press about him in the Cabal-controlled West, Vladimir Putin has been a key figure in the Alliance, working directly with the positive elements in the Pentagon. A positive ET group apparently gave Putin some of their peace-keeping technology…Putin has demonstrated the ability to completely power down any and all US military hardware, including the latest, greatest Aegis-class aircraft carriers. Every effort is being made to prevent loss of life, and to create a peaceful transition that leads to disclosure. – The Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock

David has also pointed out that there was a 2010 interview on Project Camelot with an insider named Dean who leaked the intel that:

There is not going to be a nuclear war because [the ETs are] not going to allow it. The planet is too valuable – the flora and fauna in this zoological garden is too precious. And they have already intervened several times.

David actually goes into a lot of details regarding episodes of ET interference with weapons of mass destruction, and also explains why the Earth’s flora and fauna are so precious. It seems that the energies here are such that more diverse kinds of biological life can develop and grow here than in most places in the universe. So the ETs don’t want us to destroy it!

I know in my heart that there will be no WW3. I just wanted to put this out there so others don’t worry about it. It is important not to give such worst case scenarios any energy. Besides, it’s what the negative ETs want…to keep us scared and easily controlled. I’m not inclined to cooperate. heh heh